I help clear away the BS ideas, behaviours and programming you’ve accumulated over decades and to get clear on what you really desire in purpose and in pleasure.

And then provide clear, simple, practical strategies and support to make it happen.

My name is Lauren Raso.

I have a very unique and powerful set of knowledge, education, tools and techniques, that I have collected over years as a practicing Physiologist, Nutritionist, Mentor, Reiki Practitioner, Meditator, Fine Artist & Designer and slightly obsessive student of life, the mind, the body and the Soul ;)

I’m big on self-approval, self-acceptance, self-responsibility, self-

I’m also big on embracing and integrating our light / shadows, our feminine and masculine, the success and drawbacks of duality in physical life.

And I’m big on creating a Soul-connected, celebrated Feast Life.

I provide my clients with a very unique (I’ve never come across any other Physiologist, Reiki, Jewellers) combination of mindset, emotion clearing, energetic techniques and good ol’ discipline, focus, accountability and action.

You’ve got limitless POTENTIAL within you…

But all of it is USELESS if you are not able to translate that to actual, physical, real-world, tangible RESULTS.

And, that’s where I come in.

I mix the Soul with the savage.

That fierce fire with the luscious flow.

You are powerful and your know it.

It’s time to translate and embody that!