My name is Lauren Raso.

I have a very unique and powerful set of knowledge, tools and techniques, that I have collected over years as a practicing Physiologist, Nutritionist, Mentor, Reiki Practitioner, Meditator, Fine Artist & Designer and slightly obsessive student of the Universe, energy, the mind, body and the Soul.


Bachelor of Science Human Physiology

Grad. Cert. Human Nutrition

Reiki Level 1 & 2

Bachelor of Fine Art Metalwork & Jewellery Design

I help transform your core energetic signature and your deep subconscious beliefs that impedes, limits and creates self-sabotage in your business/vocation, prosperity and lifestyle.

I help shift and clear negative thoughts and emotions you’ve accumulated over decades of “doing your best”, “trying” or “struggling”, so you can get on with creating an incredible level of success and the results you desire.

I provide my clients with a very unique combination of energy, subconscious beliefs, conscious mindset and emotion clearing techniques.

This comprehensive 4 tier approach, gives you the transformation you need to match the energetic signature, subconscious programing, conscious mindset and emotional harmony of your potential and your grandest most phenomenal self.

You’ve got limitless capacity and potential within you. But all of it goes to waste if you are not able to translate that to actual, real-world changes and tangible results.

And, that’s where I come in…