I did.


I did what I loved and what lit me up.

I would spend all day creating.

I loved my body and me.

I felt happy and free.


But then, all of that seemed to fade away.

Life happened.

And with it came - illness, stress, struggle, anxiety, trauma, heart-break, disappointment, depression, despair...


I felt lost.

I felt unhappy.

I felt broken.


I was a shell of my former self, of my true self.



You see, I tried to serve you and help you. I really did.

I gave it my all. I gave it my everything.

Because that's just me, and that's how I do things.

But the truth is, it took me so far from the real me, from my truth, from my bliss...

That it left me depressed, sick and broke.

Actually, it left me in bed curled up in a ball broken, devastated by illness and ravaged with despair.

So yeah, I got the message!


My life is to serve me.

To serve my bliss, my expression, my freedom and my expansion.


I know what you are thinking!

But here is the thing gorgeous - you have to help yourself.

And I should know!



I'm Lauren Raso, the wildly passionate, sassy, Old-Soul friend - here to inspire and uplift you.


Think of me as a catalyst...an activator.


Because you have to help yourself.  But that doesn't mean I don't care.


My desire is to shine my brilliant light, to inspire and uplift you - so you realize your power and magnificence, you find true self-love and you learn to serve your bliss, expression, freedom and expansion.



You are phenomenal. A powerful creator.

And you have the power to create the life you really want.



Life is meant to feel free and fun, to be pleasure-filled, rich and overflowing.


Sound good to you?




My story


My story has been rollercoaster ride of ups and down, pain and bliss, depression and joy, sickness and health.

A constant evolution of understanding, awareness, learnings.

I am grateful for every moment of pain, trauma, heartache, illness, despair.

Because it has made me who I am today.

It has caused my clarity, my alignment, my evolution and my expansion.