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Sit. Feast On Your Life.





Sit. Feast On Your Life.



Life is meant to be a feast.

For your mind, your body and your soul.



But, your subconscious mind has you on a merry-go-round of struggle, stress, doubt, fear and feeling unfulfilled.

That's it's job. To keep you safe and alive.


But not happy, thriving, successful, wealthy, abundant or fulfilled.

Your subconscious does not care about your financial goals, your career or business vision, your lifestyle dreams or your travel desires.


Which leaves you with a big problem. 


Because you go-after, hustle, werk-werk-werk for your dreams, your desires, your wants...you have this underlying program and conditioning that is frequently UNDERMINING the actions you take to create your desires.


I know right!?!

Lucky for you, I'm here!  I'm Lauren, think of me as a catalyst and teacher, here to help you navigate this problem.


To help you understand all the crazy goings of your mind, body, Soul and the Universe, and to share with you techniques and ways of how to create the success, biz/career, abundance, freedom, sex, love, body you want.





A bit about Me...

My name is Lauren Raso.  I am a Teacher, Mentor, Poet, Writer, Jeweller, Artist, Designer.  I took the very scenic route ;) with bonus roller-coaster ride haha to self-love, forgiveness, true self-expression, abundance and freedom.   

I believe within you, you already know what you really want and who you really are.  My work as a catalyst, a mentor and teacher is to help you peel off the layers of conditioning, beliefs, doubts and fears that are keeping you from being who you truly are and living the life you truly want. 

So you can connect to your Soul, your purpose, your gifts, your desires and then turn all of that magnificent power and potential into the life and person you really are.


YOUR life is for going all in on your Soul purpose and pleasure.

For pursuing what sets YOUR Soul alight.

For sharing YOUR unique gifts and expression with the world.


Don’t you think it’s time to get started?

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