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Sit. Feast On Your Life.





Sit. Feast On Your Life.



Life is meant to be a feast.

For your mind. For your body. For your soul.



But, your subconscious mind has you on a merry-go-round of struggle, stress, doubt, fear and feeling unfulfilled.

That's it's job. To keep you safe and alive.


But not happy.

Not thriving.

Not successful.

Not fulfilled.


Your subconscious does not care about your financial goals, your career or business vision, your lifestyle dreams or your travel desires.


And, it certainly does not care about creating bliss, abundance, ease, freedom, fun, luxury, vitality, soaring sex or a delicious, rich, feast of a life.


Which leaves you with a BIG PROBLEM. 


Because you go-after, hustle, work for your dreams, your desires, your wants...

But ALL THE TIME, you have this underlying program, conditioning and mind that is frequently UNDERMINING the actions you take and the very desires and dreams you are trying to create.


I know right!!!


Lucky for you, I'm here!  I'm Lauren, your wildly passionate, sassy AF, Old-Soul friend.

Think of me as a Catalyst, an Activator, a Teacher and Mentor.


I'm going to help you.


To navigate this problem!

To understand all the crazy goings of your mind.

And to teach you techniques, strategies and information, so you can create the life you want.

So you can create business/career, abundance, freedom, and lifestyle you want.


Are you ready?



A bit about Me...

I'm Lauren Raso, passionate, driven, sassy AF mixed with open, loyal and loving.

I feel deeply.  I love whole-heartedly.  I live veraciously.

I took the very scenic route with bonus roller-coaster ride to self-love, forgiveness, self-expression, bliss and freedom.   I finally discovered that everything starts within, everything starts with self and everything you want is already yours.

I share with you innate wisdom, lessons learned and a ginormous toolbox of skills, techniques, knowledge and experience of inspiration, courage, hope, passion, expression and true - love, bliss, abundance and freedom.


Catalyst, Activator & Mentor

I believe within you, you already know what you really want and who you really are.

My work is as a Catalyst, Activator & Mentor to help you peel off the layers of conditioning, and B.S that is keeping you from being who you truly are and living the life you truly want.

To re-connect to it, own it, claim it and then turn all of that magnificent power and potential into the life and person you really are.


This means forgiving, accepting and loving ourselves (and others) for the - past, the pain, "mistakes" or "failures". 

It means releasing the story we keep telling and re-wiring our unsupportive beliefs, conditioning and thoughts. 

Then taking action to create our dreams!

I have invested over $100,000 in education, training, coaching, mentors and practitioners.  When you work with me, you get all of this, plus over 15 years of study into happiness, spirituality, mindset, wealth and prosperity consciousness, manifestation and Universal Laws, success principles, health and wellness, feminine/masculine energy, travel, art, design and much, much more.

Jeweller, Artist, Designer, Writer & Speaker

With a Fine Arts degree in Metalwork and Jewellery Design, I have exhibited and sold jewellery in exhibitions, galleries and boutiques. 

I design and create jewellery inspired by nature, patterns, texture and beauty. Take a look here!


I have back-packed alone(!) South America for 10-months, back-packed SE Asia, traveled all over Europe, Mexico, USA, Indonesia, Thailand. 

I have packed up and moved multiples times!  And have lived in Melbourne, Sydney, London, Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays and Bali.

Lover of...

Coffee, dark chocolate, chocolate brownie, pancakes, Thai, Mexican, Indian, Italian, Lebanese, Turkish...you get the picture!

Dancing, weight training and a sweaty-dance on the dance floor. 

Sunrise ocean dips at Bondi Beach or Bali, relaxing at the beach and watching sunset.

Lingerie, high heels, cocktail dresses and black eyeliner. 

Interior design, vibrant abstract paintings, contemporary jewellery, ceramics and photography.

Massage, Kinesiology, Acupuncture and pretty much all mind-body-energy modalities.


I believe life is for living...All in!

For following your bliss.

For pursuing what sets your soul on fire.

For creating, living and enjoying a delicious, masterpiece life!


So what about You!?!


Are you ready to answer that feeling, that pulling?

To give yourself permission to follow your desires?

To take control of your life, results, success & lifestyle?


Getting started is as simple as saying You saying Yes to You.


So what will it be?