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Purpose, Pleasure, Sex & Money...





Purpose, Pleasure, Sex & Money...



Business is struggling, money isn't flowing, sex is waning and

pleasure is dwindling.


You ability to manifest, express yourself and experience pleasure all impact your life and your bank balance.


Those feelings of - unease, stress, unhappiness or being unsatisfied - they are your alarm bells.


Letting you know, that something is amiss.


I'm Lauren Raso, your wildly passionate, sassy, Old-Soul friend - here to inspire and uplift you.


Think of me as a catalyst...an activator.


I work with women who want to experience deeper purpose, more pleasure, better sex (alone or with another) and more money.


Because - it is your birthright and you are meant to enjoy all of it!



We are taught that sex, money and pleasure are not really to be desired, enjoyed or you are "bad" for wanting it ALL!


This limits the amount of bliss we feel, in the sex we experience and in the money we manifest.

It impacts our happiness, our business/careers, our self-expression, our finances and our fulfillment.


But, it doesn't have to be that way.


When you understand and utilize the principles of manifestation, mindset, receiving and sexuality, you become a new woman!


You are magnetic.

A magnificent and powerful creator.

And, it's time to create the life you really want.