I work with a small number of 1:1 clients and I’d love to work with you.

If you’re like most of my clients, you’re an ambitious entrepreneur or high-performance individual and desire to live your a big, full, rich life true to you and your values.

You are inspired, driven, self-aware and committed to your own growth, and enjoy receiving deep, personalised support.

In sessions we will address - money/prosperity “blocks”, habits, patterns & beliefs limiting your follow-through & results, stress & anxiety, emotional mastery - in business/vocation and life.

As well as the goals and desires you are ready to achieve and experience.

Your session will be tailored to YOU and YOUR current challenges, issues and goals

In your session we may cover the following -


Your current business, vocation and lifestyle “results” are a reflection of your energy, your vibe. I call them energetic signature and energetic condition (just like your physical condition).

Your energy creates success or failure, and underpinning that energy, is your core foundational beliefs.

I use a combination of belief rewiring, thought-form clearing, emotional clearing and energy clearing, business clearing, ancestral clearing clearing, Clairaudience and Reiki.

This incredibly powerful combination shifts and uplevels your entire being on a mental, emotional, conscious, subconscious and energetic level.


What you fear you attract and unconsciously self-sabotage your life.

Doubt, worry, shame, guilt and any feelings of failure block and sabotage your action taking and results.

In sessions you will clear fear, doubt, shame, guilt and negative emotions that are negatively impacting your progress, momentum and success.

Emotional mastery is a key part of creating success in your personal, business and life success. Evolving in to a person that responds to challenges in a grounded manner as opposed to reacting emotionally is integral.


Prosperity is not only money or capital, it is a consciousness. Your core essence or vibration about money and prosperity impacts your results and your success.

A deep sense of lack, not enough, not good enough, not worthy, “rich is bad”, can undermine your greatest efforts. Emotions such as guilt, shame, anger or regret about money, also impact your capacity to make money, keep money and grow wealth.

In this program, we take a comprehensive approach to prosperity combining mental (beliefs), emotional (feelings), energetic (core vibration) and physical (action, behaviours).


Lacking clarity on your next step, what your purpose is, or how to get to “there” from “here” kills inspiration, productivity, effectiveness and peace of mind.

You will be given simple, yet in-depth clarity techniques that you can use again and again, anytime you feel lost on your purpose, confused, or unsure of what to do next.


Based upon your purpose, I will assist you in clearly defining your goals for the area of life in quetion: Business/vocation, health, finances, love/sex, family/friends, mental/learning, social impact/leadership and spirituality.

Plus a clear, actionable strategy and action steps to follow.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I book in my session?

After payment has been received, please email to receive the booking link to book in your session time.

2. How does the session work?

You will receive an online form to complete prior to your session, providing information on your current issues, problems and what you want help on.

You will receive a Zoom call link (you don’t need the App. just a solid internet connection)

At the arranged time, I will call you via Zoom for the session.

3. Post-Session Support

You will receive messenger/email support for the 7 days following your session, to ask questions and get help on anything we covered in your session.

4. What if I have to change my session time?

24 hours notice must be provided to change your session time, or the session will be forfeited.