There is a feeling, rising from deep within you.  It's palpable

You just can't shake it.


It's tugging at you from the inside.  Pulling at your heart. 

Calling you through your daily rush of thoughts.

Something is missing. Something isn't right.


You don't feel full.

That deep, rich, fullness.

Your radiance has gone.


If you were being completely honest and uncensored, about how you really want to feel and about how you really want to live...You might finally (maybe sheepishly) admit that what you really, truly want...

is a magnificent, delicious pleasure filled life.


The truth is, you are wired for pleasure.  Your brain is wired for pleasure.  That is a fact


You have pleasure centres and pleasure systems within you, and if they are not ACTIVATED and STIMULATED enough, you can not FEEL and FUNCTION optimally!


So, you see gorgeous...You ARE in fact MADE to feel, experience and enjoy PLEASURE.




What you really want, but you are too afraid to say, or too scared, too ashamed, or too embarrassed to admit is, that what you really want is -

Your mind, your body and your soul,

Entangled. Intertwined. Enveloped.

In deep, rich, delicious pleasure.



For far too long you have been feeling guilty and shaming yourself for your desires and for pleasure.


You have been conditioned, raised, programmed to feel guilty, ashamed, bad, naught, wrong for -

- seeking pleasure

- experiencing pleasure

- engaging in pleasure

- enjoying pleasure


For years, even decades you have been suppressing it and smushing it down. 


Occasionally, letting yourself experience glimpses of it.

Maybe in orgasm. Maybe in food. In a massage. At the beach. Or that trip to Paris.

But just a glimpse.


Because satisfying your pleasure would be bad, naughty or wrong or not the best use of your life right?!?


But the problem is, you are wired for pleasure, and every moment that you deny yourself because of your what you learned, what society or parents said was good and bad, what beliefs you picked up during your life...


You deprive yourself.


Do you know what happens when you DENY yourself?

Do you know what happens when you DEPRIVE yourself?


You create a Drought within Yourself.


Your happiness dries up.
Your fun dries up.
Your money dries up (or stays barren).
Your business dries up (or stays barren).
Your libido dries up.


When you deny your pleasure...

You deny your money flow, your creative flow, your sexual flow!


You deny your life force.


You deprive the very essence of you.





Why do you think your have 5 physical senses?

Of course, survival is dependent on these senses…

But don’t your think it’s INTERESTING the we have pleasure areas in the brain - if we are just here to “survive”???


You are meant for pleasure.

For deep, rich, full, delicious pleasure.

For pleasure flow.


You are here to bask in it. You are here to revel in it. You are here to bathe in it.


Just like those tiny moments when you do let and you do give in,

To your yearning to be in delicious pleasure flow.


With no shame. No guilt. No worry. No suppression. No fear. No judgement.


It's time to...

Let yourself be free, wild, wide open.

Entangled, intertwined, enveloped.

In your deep, rich, delicious pleasure flow


Private Program with Lauren



I will teach your processes to address SABOTAGE and NEGATIVE SUBCONSCIOUS PATTERNS and BLOCKS to get your subconscious mind aligned with your desires and vision.

You will learn techniques that you will do daily, to re-wire your subconscious mind so that is WORKS WITH YOU, not sabotage you to create the life, abundance, bliss, freedom, body, sex, love you desire.



I will teach your processes to utilize your conscious mind to the FULLEST.

You will learn techniques to utilize the POTENTIAL and CAPACITY of your conscious mind to create the life, abundance, bliss, freedom, body, sex, love you desire.



Learn and understand how Law of Attraction is NOT true manifesting.

Learn the TRUE Universal Laws that govern the Universe and your manifesting.

Techniques and practices to quicken your manifesting and creating. 



We will carryout deep Self Love, Self Worth and Self Care which is essential to help you create the life you want.

You will be given an in-depth daily practice to do.



Together, we will carryout Releasing Work which is essential to let go of the past, the pain and allow you to fully accept and allow the life you want.



I will teach you Embodiment Techniques and practices to become the upgraded and upleveled you.



You will receive private personalised sessions via Zoom/Skype.



I will provide you with an Action Plan for you to complete.

This will give you structure and a "path to follow", between our session and allow you to upgrade your mindset, uplevel your being and up the ante on your life.



You will have direct access to me for online support to answer your questions and assist you with challenges.

Accountability to take action and move through resistance




The techniques, tools & processes that I have helped my clients -

  • Experience "Total bliss" for the first time in years
  • Feel sexy, confident, sexy, powerful & beautiful again
  • Create repeat $20k CASH lump sums
  • Create growing financial investment portfolios
  • Get their first clients, find true soul-clients & triple their rates and sell at that rate
  • Manifest dream holidays, travel and move overseas to live in their dream location
  • Breakthrough blocks, fears, limiting beliefs that have kept them stuck and in struggle for YEARS!
  • Achieve vibrant health and heal illness


And me...

  • Travel all over the world
  • Live Sydney, London, Whitsundays and in beautiful villas in Bali
  • Stay in 5 star luxury hotels
  • Create money easily doing what I love
  • Effortless weight-loss and a lean, vibrant body
  • Heal multiple chronic illnesses
  • Attract adoring men, deep respectful love and fun dates
  • Gifted dinners, cocktails, champagne
  • Create location independence, more freedom & time-freedom
  • Experience profound bliss, joy & happiness than ever before
  • And much, much more...

It's time to finally live the life you want.



Everything that you say you want - the money, sales, clients, success, impact, freedom, bliss, sex, love, body, health - that you are pushing for, trying for, doing everything you can for is all found in your pleasure flow.


Every moment that you resist, that you hold off, that you smush down, that you suppress, that you hold back, that you deny and deprive -


You block all that you want!




You have nothing else to DO, to TRY, to PUSH, to FORCE!

All you have to do is stop denying yourself and depriving yourself.


Stop the battle within yourself.

And allow yourself the gift of pleasure that you are already wired for.



" By far the best investment I have made in a long time."

Working with Lauren was an eye opener for me... The work around my wealth consciousness has helped me to realize that my money mindset needs consistent work and Lauren also pointed out all the excuses I was making to stop myself from stepping up to what I truly deserve.  Update: Claire secured a repeating £1000/month ($1500) client two days after her session.

Claire Baker | Hair Extension Expert | UK


"I feel so happy and relieved to at last be free of what's been holding me back."

I loved how understanding and patiently determined Lauren was to get to the root of my mind block. And it didn't take long either! The most valuable part of the coaching was the massive breakthrough I made with Lauren's help! I feel so happy and relieved to at last be free of what's been holding me back.

Claire McAuliffe | Founder & Coach | AUS



"In one hour, Lauren's questions and style of coaching led to clarity, confidence, peace and empowerment I've not experienced in 7 years."

In one hour, Lauren's questions and style of coaching led to clarity, confidence, peace and empowerment I've not experienced in 7 years. I felt the struggle and frustration leaving and assured action taking it's place.

Denise Metzger Taylor | Founder & Owner | We Get To | USA