Isn't it Time to start living and creating the Prosperous Life you Want?



You are the creator of your prosperity, your money sitch and your abundance.

Whether you have your own business or you are employed, all of what you are living and experiencing right now, you created.

Intentionally or not.


Consciously or unconsciously, you have thought thoughts, felt feelings, acted out actions and habits, repeated patterns and lived out your early programming... and created your current experience.


Depending on your current situation, that can be a tough pill to swallow...I feel you. I've been there.

However, it is also the greatest gift you will receive, because it also means that you are the one that can change it.

With some help from me and changing of your thoughts, feelings, habits, patterns and programming, you have the capacity, the ability and the power to change your prosperity, money and abundance.



Your prosperous, money flowing, abundant life requires you to elevate beyond your current experience.

Uncover negative thoughts, programming and beliefs that are negatively imacting your finances, success, results and life experience

Change your state of being - you have to feel prosperous to become it.

Re-wire your mind for prosperity consciousness and behaviour, through new neural pathways.

Take action, build momentum, work through doubt and fear.



The bitter pill...

I am not here to candy-coat and sweet-talk you.  This is not a quick fix pill for the lazy, unambitious and uninspired.  You've spent decades building and living these patterns and programming. It takes a focus and determination to shift, to change, to elevate an to up level.


If that annoys you, then best we part ways now.  I'm not here to hood-wink or blind-side you with fakery or online f*ckery!


This is Soul inspired, Soul calling, Soul purpose work for me. 

If it inspires you, uplifts you, drives you, motivates you or perhaps scares you a tiny bit, you are in the right place.




So this is where we start - 




I WILL TAKE YOU THROUGH A PROCESS TO re-wire your conscious mind to help you to utilize it's POTENTIAL and CAPACITY.

I WILL SHARE WITH YOU TECHNIQUES to utilize daily to support your conscious thinking in creating the prosperity, life and money you desire.



EMOTIONAL mastery is KEY part of developing your ability to make, keep and grow prosperity.

WE WILL utilise processes to develop your emotional mastery.

WE WILL USE techniques to shift your from reacting to responding to challenges and problems.

This part is often OVERLOOKED in money programs and yet is ESSENTIAL to your LONG TERM SUCCESS.



If you feel guilt, shame, remorse or regret about debt, loans, credit cards etc, you will continue to perpetuate debt in your life.

I WILL TAKE YOU THROUGH a Debt Releasing Process to assist you to let go of negative emotions you have around debt.

WE WILL shift you to a state of acceptance and gratitude for any DEBT.




I will teach you about the UNIVERSAL LAWS that govern the Universe (no, not law of attraction), that you can use to create, "make happen", manifest your prosperity, life, dreams and desires.






This session provides the accountability you need to take action and move through resistance.




I WILL HELP YOU UNCOVER subconscious beliefs, thinking & conditioning that are creating failure, struggle, overwhelm, procrastination in your money, wealth and prosperity..

I WILL SHARE with you techniques to re-wire your subconscious mind so that is IN-LINE with your desires, wants and dreams.



What was modelled to you from your parents about money? What did you pick up in those early years about money in your household? 

The first 7 years of your life greatly impact your money experiences and if not addressed will continue to undermine your efforts to sell, make money, and build wealth.

TOGETHER WE WILL SHIFT family money stories to align you with your PERSONAL financial desires and goals.




Shifting your beliefs around making, having, growing money is only part of the process.

You also need to develop the habits and behaviours of a person that values money, wealth building.

You will learn STRATEGIES and TECHNIQUES that you can use to manage money, accounts and develop your understanding of WEALTH and LIQUIDITY.



Lack of self-worth, self-love, self-acceptance, self-belief are inhibitors of wealth building and success.

If you don't think you are WORTHY, good enough or deserve MONEY - why would you expect someone to pay you for your product of services?!?

Either you won't get it, or your won't keep it.

Developing your self-worth and self-love are an important element of your Money Love strategy.



I will provide you with an action plan for you to complete.  This will give you structure and A PLAN TO FOLLOW.




  • Create repeat $20k-$30k cash lump sums
  • Get out of thousands of dollars in debt
  • Grow investment portfolios
  • Explode their sales and financial bonuses


  • Physically create the best condition their lives
  • Decrease bodyfat, increase muscle mass, achieve exercise PBs
  • More energy! Wake refreshed everyday, break-free of depression and anxiety
  • Heal sport-career-threatening injury and heal illnesses


  • Start new businesses, sign up new clients, triple prices and sell at new rates
  • Develop strategic habits and thinking to achieve career and business goals
  • Explode their sales and bonuses
  • Utilise strategic techniques to quicken professional and business results
  • Start their dream businesses, get clients, triple their rates


  • Improved sex life, deepen understanding of sex
  • Deeper connection to partner, improved relationships
  • Reconnect to self, learn about feminine or masculine energy


  • Experience "Total bliss" for the first time in years
  • Feel confident, powerful and strong every day
  • Learn how to focus feminine or masculine energy in business, career and life


  • Develop strategic habits and thinking to achieve goals
  • Breakthrough success blocks and limiting beliefs
  • Change and reprogram negative conditioning and unproductive habit


  • Travel the world
  • Move overseas to live in their dream location
  • Get back to living a more fun and adventurous life!

And me...

  • Travel all over the world, living freedom lifestyle, location-independence for years
  • Live in Sydney, London, Whitsundays, luxury villas in Bali
  • Stay in 5 star luxury hotels
  • Create money doing what I love
  • Effortless weight-loss and a lean, vibrant body
  • Heal multiple chronic illnesses quickly
  • Attract high quality partners, deep respectful love and fun dates
  • Gifted dinners, cocktails, champagne
  • Create location independence, time freedom & in charge of my schedule 
  • Experience profound bliss, joy & happiness than ever before


Are you ready to -

Uncover your limiting thoughts, habits and beliefs.

Reprogram your conscious and subconscious thoughts, habits and beliefs.

Elevate and expand your self love and self worth and self beliefs.

Follow through on a Money Love mindset and money management program.





Investment $12,000 Pay in Full or 4 x $3,500