You are the creator of your level of prosperity.

Whether you have your own business or you are employed, all of what you are living and experiencing right now, you created.

Intentionally or not.


Consciously or unconsciously, you have thought thoughts, felt feelings, acted out actions and habits, repeated patterns and lived out your early programming... and created your current experience.


Depending on your current situation, that can be a tough pill to swallow...I know, I've been there.

However, it is also the greatest gift you will receive, because it also means that you are the one that can change it.

With some help from me and changing of your thoughts, feelings, habits, patterns and programming, you have the capacity, the ability and the power to change your prosperity, sales and finances.



Your prosperous, full up, rich overflowing life requires you to elevate beyond your current reality.

Uncover thoughts, programming and beliefs that are negatively impacting your finances, success, results and life experience.

Re-wire yourself for prosperity by building new neural pathways and re-programming your faithful servant - your subconscious mind.

Change your state of being - you have to feel prosperous and embody prosperity to have it.

Clear fears, doubts, guilt, shame and take action to achieve tangible real world results.


to finally uplevel your life, to shift your feelings, beliefs and results around money, to transform your prosperity and finances, to have more freedom and flexibility in your life…

I can show you how!




You can not have what you want. You can only have what you see and feel yourself already having.

Embodiment is the first step. Only always ;)

If you can’t see it, feel it, know it in your cells - you can’t experience it in your reality.

This portion of our work together is…

Simple. Powerful. Potent AF….just the way we like it ;)


What was modeled to you from your parents, family, community about money? Are you aware of your prosperity narrative?

The first 7 years of your life greatly impact your money experiences and your experiences throughout your teens, twenties, thirties etc., only add more “data” to these initial learnings.

If not addressed, negative beliefs about being wealthy, making money, sales, luxurious things and living will continue to undermine your efforts to live a shift out of lack, and struggle into a prosperous life, make sales, grow your income.

You will rewrite your prosperity narrative into one of ease, overflow, growth, expansion and enjoyment.


Your subconsicous mind does what it’s told without judgement - that is it’s job - to do what it is instructed to do.

It is a powerful mechanism within your brain, that can either be your greatest ally or greatest enemy.

You will learn how to use it in the most powerful way to get what you want in your life.

You will release subconscious beliefs and thoughts that are creating lack, struggle, overwhelm, procrastination and failure in your life and prosperity.


Emotional mastery is integral to developing your ability to make, keep and grow prosperity.

Through Reiki, emotional clearing techniques and my own unique process you will clear fears, doubts, shames, guilts, fantasies and altruistic blocks that are sabotaging your best actions and mental efforts.

By developing your emotional intelligence (EQ) you will shift from “primal mind” reacting to grounded, intelligent “conscious mind” responding, ultimately making you are more powerful, magnetic, potent, successful and influential human.

This part is often overlooked in mindset or coaching programs and yet is essential to your long term success.


All guilt, shame, remorse or regret about debt, loans, credit cards subconsciously undermines efforts and actions to create prosperity, make more money and build wealth.

You will complete a Debt Releasing Process to assist you to let go of negative emotions you have around debt, and shift you to a state of acceptance and gratitude for any past or present debt, loans or credits.

This is important in creating a new level of prosperity in your life.


Your personal empowerment includes empowered Prosperity management.

Instilling the habits and behaviours of a person that values money and wealth building.

You will learn strategies and techniques that you can use to manage money, accounts and develop your understanding of wealth and liquidity.


You will not have to go this alone. In-between sessions, you have messenger access for the accountability you need to take action and support to move through resistance.



Are you ready to write yourself a

new future of Prosperity?


4 monthly payments x $1,497 or Pay in Full $5,000




" By far the best investment I have made in a long time."

Working with Lauren was an eye opener for me... The work around my wealth consciousness has helped me to realize that my money mindset needs consistent work and Lauren also pointed out all the excuses I was making to stop myself from stepping up to what I truly deserve.  Update: Claire secured a repeating £1000/month ($1500) client two days after her session.

Claire Baker | Yoga Teacher | UK


"I feel so happy and relieved to at last be free of what's been holding me back."

I loved how understanding and patiently determined Lauren was to get to the root of my mind block. And it didn't take long either! The most valuable part of the coaching was the massive breakthrough I made with Lauren's help! I feel so happy and relieved to at last be free of what's been holding me back.

Claire McAuliffe | Coach | AUS


"In one hour, Lauren's questions and style of coaching led to clarity, confidence, peace and empowerment I've not experienced in 7 years."

In one hour, Lauren's questions and style of coaching led to clarity, confidence, peace and empowerment I've not experienced in 7 years. I felt the struggle and frustration leaving and assured action taking it's place.

Denise Metzger Taylor | Founder & Owner | We Get To | USA