Sit. Feast on Your Life.

- Derek Walcott


Your life is meant to be a feast.

A delicious and magnificent purpose and pleasure filled feast.

For your body, your mind and Soul.


You are hard wired for it.  Your brain is literally wired for pleasure.

It has been shown that if your pleasure centres in your brain are not stimulated sufficiently, then you will not feel or function optimally!


Unfortunately, we have been programmed and conditioned for decades to:

  • Feel guilt, shame, “bad” about pleasure, abundance and living a wonderful life

  • Think that if you want more abundance, money, success then you are greedy

  • Think there is not enough for everyone

  • Think or feel how dare you live like that when there are people - starving/ dying/ in war

  • Think that if live like that it is "over the top"

  • Think to live like that is being greedy or frivolous

  • That you are extravagant or too much


Even though your brain has been wired for pleasure, your environment - where you grew up, your learned beliefs, social and parental conditioning has left you in a state of discord.

You are essentially fractured within your being. This has left you with a huge problem. Because, you are in a battle with yourself...every. single. day!


It is a battle that, if you don’t integrate your desires and goals with your beliefs…you will never win.


How does your self-image, your beliefs and conditioning impact your life?

It impacts your SELF-LOVE and your sense of WORTH, your FINANCES and your MONEY MAKING.
It impacts your action taking, your FOLLOW-THROUGH on your goals and your SUCCESS.
It impacts you becoming your full POTENTIAL and CAPACITY as a human.

It impacts your feelings of satisfaction and of FULFILLMENT.
It impacts your HEALTH and BODY, plus your SEX-LIFE and RELATIONSHIPS.

It is pervasive.


But there is more...


Your subonscious mind is doing all it can to keep you small, safe, hidden, protected, secure and alive! It does not care about your happiness, your finances, your success, your love life, sexual fulfillment or your Soul purpose and your freedom.


Now you can see how this creates a perfect storm of failure, staying stuck, failure to follow through on your goals/dreams, lack of results/success, unhappiness, unfulfillment, resistance, resentment, even anger, blame and breakdowns.


This is not a laughing matter.  (Although a sense of humour is required!)


Fortunately we humans are incredibly powerful, with brilliant minds that can be harnessed and directed.

And Soul purpose and guidance that can be tapped into and used to fulfill your greatest potential and dreams.



Just take a moment...


To envision your Masterpiece Life. How does it feel? What do you see? What are you doing? Where do you live? Who are you with? Close your eyes…

What is your Masterpiece Life?

This vision is unique to you.  As unique as your fingerprint.

And, as sacred as your soul.

Your prosperous, delicious, abundant life requires you to elevate beyond your current experience.

Uncover negative thoughts, programming and beliefs that are negatively impacting your finances, success, results and life experience

Change your state of being - you have to feel prosperous to become it.

Re-wire your mind and body for prosperity and suceess.

Take action, build momentum, work through doubt and fear.


I want to help embody the phenomenal, captivating, magnificent person you truly are, and guide you to create your Masterpiece Life.

Because, it's time to feast on your life!





What is your Soul purpose? Do you know? What about your life and vocation purpose?

Would you love to have a deep sense of clarity and knowing of what you are here for and what you are “meant” to be doing with your life?

Through guidance we can use various techniques to gain clarity and insight into your Soul purpose, as well as clarity on your vocation and relationship goals.


Your life is yours to create. Perhaps it doesn’t feel like it, but you are in control and you are here to create what you desire. Your self empowerment - in all areas - is VITAL for you to live up to your innate capacity and potential.

Additionally, your self-worth impacts greatly on your self-wealth, prosperity and success. If you don't think you are WORTHY of success/money/love etc, then these underpinning beliefs and self-image will block, hinder and sabotage your life, money and love experiences.


I will teach you processes to address SABOTAGE and NEGATIVE SUBCONSCIOUS PATTERNS and BLOCKS to get your subconscious mind aligned with your desires and vision.

You will learn techniques that you will do daily, to re-wire your subconscious mind so that is WORKS WITH YOU, not sabotage you to create the life, abundance, bliss, freedom, body, sex, love you desire.

I will teach your processes to utilize your conscious mind to the FULLEST.

You will learn techniques to utilize the POTENTIAL and CAPACITY of your conscious mind to create the life, abundance, bliss, freedom, body, sex, love you desire.


I am a Reiki level 2 practitioner and your sessions may involve emotional balancing or clearing, or Reiki healing as required. Together, we will carryout emotional balancing processes to learn to be the master of your emotions, which is essential to let go of the past and allow the life you seek.

Emotional mastery is KEY part of developing your ability to your personal, business and life success. This part is often overlooked yet to be the woman or man you desire to be, emotional mastery, discipline, focus are key.


What was modelled to you from your parents about money? What did you pick up in those early years about money in your household?  The first 7 years of your life greatly impact your money experiences and if not addressed will continue to undermine your efforts to sell, make money, and build wealth.

TOGETHER WE WILL SHIFT family money conditioning & stories to align you with your personal financial desires and goals.Shifting your beliefs around making, having, growing money is only part of the process.

Developing the habits, thoughts and beliefs of a person that values money and wealth building, which is very different to spending and lifestyle ;)

Simple STRATEGIES and techniques can be used to streamline your money and business and manage your accounts and develop your understanding of WEALTH and LIQUIDITY.

If you feel guilt, shame, remorse or regret about debt, loans, credit cards etc, you will continue to perpetuate debt in your life. If debt or credit cards are an issue for you, we’ll utilise a Debt Releasing Process to assist you to let go of negative emotions you have around debt/loans/credit.


Learn the true Universal Laws (not law of attraction) that govern the Universe. We will develop your practices to quicken your manifesting and creating. 


This will give you structure and a "path to follow", between our sessions and allow you to upgrade your mindset, uplevel your being and up the ante on your lifestyle, business, relationships and money.



You will have direct access to me for accountability and support to answer your questions and assist you with challenges, resistance and issues.



The techniques, tools & processes that I use myself & teach others have helped my clients to...

  • Experience "Total bliss" for the first time in years

  • Feel sexy, confident, sexy, powerful & beautiful again

  • Create repeat $20k CASH lump sums

  • Create growing financial investment portfolios

  • Get their first clients, find true soul-clients & triple their rates and sell at that rate

  • Manifest dream holidays, travel and move overseas to live in their dream location

  • Breakthrough blocks, fears, limiting beliefs that have kept them stuck and in struggle for YEARS!

  • Achieve vibrant health and heal illness

And me...

  • Travel all over the world

  • Live Sydney, London, Whitsundays and in beautiful villas in Bali

  • Stay in 5 star luxury hotels

  • Create money easily doing what I love

  • Effortless weight-loss and a lean, vibrant body

  • Heal multiple chronic illnesses

  • Attract adoring men, deep respectful love and fun dates

  • Gifted dinners, cocktails, champagne

  • Create location independence, more freedom & time-freedom

  • Experience profound bliss, joy & happiness than ever before

  • And much, much more...

It's time to finally live the life you want.





" By far the best investment I have made in a long time."

Working with Lauren was an eye opener for me... The work around my wealth consciousness has helped me to realize that my money mindset needs consistent work and Lauren also pointed out all the excuses I was making to stop myself from stepping up to what I truly deserve.  Update: Claire secured a repeating £1000/month ($1500) client two days after her session.

Claire Baker | Hair Extension Expert | UK


"I feel so happy and relieved to at last be free of what's been holding me back."

I loved how understanding and patiently determined Lauren was to get to the root of my mind block. And it didn't take long either! The most valuable part of the coaching was the massive breakthrough I made with Lauren's help! I feel so happy and relieved to at last be free of what's been holding me back.

Claire McAuliffe | Founder & Coach | AUS



"In one hour, Lauren's questions and style of coaching led to clarity, confidence, peace and empowerment I've not experienced in 7 years."

In one hour, Lauren's questions and style of coaching led to clarity, confidence, peace and empowerment I've not experienced in 7 years. I felt the struggle and frustration leaving and assured action taking it's place.

Denise Metzger Taylor | Founder & Owner | We Get To | USA


"I have gone from thousands of dollars in debt to a thriving investment portfolio and on my way to financial freedom, physically I am in the best condition of my life..."

My experience working with Lauren over a few years was truly life changing in every way. Her deep knowledge and wisdom on everything from health to wealth combined with her compassion and ability to effectively coach me through a variety of challenges has allowed me to better myself on all levels. The unique combination of science, spirituality and intuition in her approach was incredibly powerful in helping me achieve the results I was seeking but had struggled to find elsewhere.

Financially I have gone from thousands of dollars in debt to a thriving investment portfolio and on my way to financial freedom, physically I am in the best condition of my life and emotionally I am more present, connected and balanced than I have ever been. I feel truly blessed to be working with person an amazing soul and I would encourage anyone seeking to take their life to the next level to work with Lauren.

Luke Patrick | AUS


"Your approach was refreshing as was your directness i.e. no nonsense, to the point and you kept me honest!"

I came to you wanting to be able to make fundamental and sustainable changes to my lifestyle. My life was out of balance; too much stress, suffering from a lack of sleep, a poor diet and doing no exercise.  Working with Lauren was a wake up call long overdue about what I needed to change. Much more energy!  I’ve lost the black cloud that followed me.  Your approach was refreshing as was your directness i.e. no nonsense, to the point and you kept me honest!

Matt Scrafton | NZ


"I highly recommend Lauren"

I set a goal with Lauren earlier in the year to complete a half-marathon later in the year. I was able to complete this based on the advice provided by Lauren. I also noticed that I was enjoying work again. I found I was getting a deeper sleep at night and starting each day with a lot more energy and was able to use this energy throughout the day, which was definitely needed with a three year old at home!  I highly recommend Lauren.

Dr Konrad Peszynski | AUS

 I am not here to candy-coat and sweet-talk you.  

This is not a quick fix pill for the lazy, unambitious and uninspired.  You've spent decades building and living these patterns and programming. It takes a focus and determination to shift, to change, to elevate an to up level.


If that annoys you, then best we part ways now.  I'm not here to blind-side you with fakery or online f*ckery!

This is Soul inspired, Soul calling, Soul purpose work for me. 

If it inspires you, uplifts you, drives you, motivates you or perhaps scares you a tiny bit, you are in the right place!

This is not a dress rehearsal!

As much as we have been conditioned to struggle, feel guilt, shame, or stay stuck, that way of being and feeling is never going to get you to the life you know you are here for.


The struggle needs to be dropped.

The past forgiven and released.

The present accepted and embraced.

The dark and light acknowledged and honoured.

The minds working together and harmonious.

The Soul that you are expansive and expressed.


And, that is what I am here for.



6 X $3,500 OR $18,000 PAY IN FULL