Work With Me

Empowered Purpose, Sex & Money


Work With Me

Empowered Purpose, Sex & Money


I’m Lauren and I help passionate women just like you, to own their power, reconnect to their innate magnetic sexuality and make more money.


Empowered...Purposefully, Sexually, Financially.



It's time to stop hiding, playing small and disowning your power.

It's time for ravishing sex and to feel fully sexually expressed.

It's time to make the money you know you deserve.

And nothing less will do.





6 Weeks - Private 1:1 Mentoring





We'll decipher what beliefs, habits and programming you are currently living and creating from, and how these are impacting your purpose, sex, money and pleasure.

We'll cover receiving and allowing and how to cultivate these states to have ravishing sex and make more money.

We'll dive deep into your purpose, pleasure and bliss, so you can experience more today!



We'll find out why manifesting hasn't been working for you, and learn how to manifest what you want.

We'll cover the misunderstood details of Law of Attraction and manifesting.

You'll learn and implement techniques and strategies to support your manifesting and creating.



We'll uncover and release any guilt, shame, fear, embarrassment that you are holding onto or hiding behind.

We'll uncover any limiting beliefs that are impacting your sexuality and create new supportive, igniting beliefs to help you reignite your bedroom.

You will reconnect with your innate, magnetic sexuality.

You'll learn how Sexual Energetics (feminine and masculine) ignite your bed, bank and business.



We'll off-load your lack, limiting and restricting money story so you can stop blocking and restricting receiving and making the money you want.

We'll create a new story that supports your money making and opens you up to allowing and receiving more.

We'll use wealth consciousness techniques, strategies, behaviors and habits to support your new way with money, abundance and prosperity.


Ready to feel empowered in your purpose,

to have ravishing sex and to make more money?