On Sunday I did something for the first time in over 18 months. I picked up my  jewellery tools. At one period in the past, I worked for myself as a Jeweller and Jewellery designer.  I designed and hand made contemporary jewellery pieces and sold them in galleries, shops, at exhibitions, as well as bespoke one-off pieces for clients.

On Sunday, I sat down at my jewellery desk (specially made by my uncle some years ago) and started making jewellery again. So why was this such a special moment? And if I was a jeweller in the past, how come I am not now?


I, like many women (and men) out there, am a multi-passionate person. I have many interests and they are varied! I am a left-brain and a right-brain girl and even have university qualifications using each “side” of the brain.


For many, many years I wrestled with working out what to do with my life. From the outside (family & friends) perspective, I’m pretty sure it looked quite odd. Studying and working in Physiology,  Jewellery Design & Silversmithing, Nutrition and Business Mentoring.


And the truth is, on the inside it was a battle. I spent YEARS trying to work out which passion was my ONE passion to follow.  Not to mention spending my resources (money, time & energy) on psychologists talking about it and analyzing it.

All this time, money and energy to pick one thing. To be satisfied with just ONE thing.  And that’s the thing with multi-passionate people or people with many passions…


Picking only one passion is crushing.  

Picking only one passion is like a little death. 

Picking ONLY one passion, is WORSE than pursuing none of their passions.


I know that’s illogical, but that is how they are wired!


I don’t have children, so I can’t imagine what that would be like to choose one.  But I do know multi-passionate women! And their passions are like their limbs, they are part of them and they are all equal to them and impossible to live without.


So why did I put my jewellery design business aside for the last 2 years?

 To be successful in one business, it can serve multi-passionate entrepreneurs to focus on one business at a time.


Working with multi-passionate women, I see that when they focus on building a successful business around one passion at a time, they get better results and success quicker.

 Their energy, motivation and drive are not diffused. Less dissipation, more focus.


I put my jewellery tools (and jewellery business goals) on hold a couple of years ago. I made a decision to focus on one business.  And it hurt my heart.  I am not too proud to say that I was triggered when I saw people I studied with having success, selling their designs and being promoted in magazines.


However, I my success was a non-negotiable.  And by focusing my mind, energy, money and time on one business, I created a freedom-business (time and location freedom) that would allow me to enjoy and express all passions at some point down the line.  I took a long-term view-point. Another thing that driven, go-getter and impatient entrepreneurs are NOT thrilled about!


This is what a successful business woman does.  In my business mentoring and coaching,  I mentor female entrepreneurs to be successful business woman.  This includes smart, purposeful, focused decisions and action.


On Sunday, I sat down and made myself a simple, beautiful fine silver and sterling silver ring.  I know that by creating a successful mentoring and coaching business, that I have opened the way for ALL of my passions to be expressed and fulfilled in my life, and that is the best kind of life I can think of!



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