Do you want to know what the REAL “WORK” is?

To create your DREAMS, to get what you want, and to have what you desire........

The real “work”...

That you HAVE TO DO...

That you MUST DO...

If you want to finally be, do and have what you truly, undeniable want...

The real "work", is,



The “work” that you really need to do for your amazing BUSINESS / LIFE / FINANCES / BODY / SEX / FRIENDSHIPS that you want...

Is line up with it.

That’s your responsibility.

That’s YOUR work.


Yes…actually it really is. Sounds simple and IS simple.


But...not everyone is willing to put in the FOCUS that is required to firstly - line up with your dreams and secondly, STAY lined up.


The things that you want - BUSINESS / LIFE / FINANCES / BODY / SEX / FRIENDSHIPS - are already done. Already created and already waiting for you.


But you do have a PART to play in all of this - in having it happen or creating it or manifesting it - however you prefer to state it.


You have to take responsibility of your LINING UP with it all, which you could also say, is your ALIGNMENT with it.


The universe has done it’s part.  Now it’s your turn to do yours….


If you are WILLING.

If you are willing to FOCUS your mind.

If you are willing to COMMIT.


And why wouldn’t you COMMIT to the things and life you truly want?!?!?!

To the - the adventures, the fun, the experiences, the clients, the travel, the money, the business, the big wins, the amazing sex, the friendships etc etc.

Why wouldn’t you be WILLING to focus for all the amazing experiences and things you want?!?!


Unless, of course you are being LAZY….

Or letting FEAR take a hold of you….

Or you just don’t BELIEVE you are worthy or deserving of it…


All of which are common issues that will stop and block you from having what you want.

All of which, can derail and sabotage a beautiful, magnificent dream and life.

The “work” that you really need to do is…. line up with the BUSINESS / LIFE / FINANCES / BODY / SEX / FRIENDSHIPS you want.

Simple...yet it’s a rare few that will do that “work”.

That is your choice.

And all you need, is your mind.


Much love,

Lauren xx


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