If you are "sitting" in the AWARENESS of “I don’t have the money/ success/ car/ man/ woman/ body/ health/ XYZ" that I want...

Then you are IN the frequency of “I don’t have” XYZ", which means, you can't right now have it or ACHIEVE it, and you are also right now in this very moment are creating MORE of “not having it”.


You are perpetuating the experience of NOT having it. Which will prolong the current LACK you are aware of.


Yes, I know it’s tricky and kind of a mind bend.  Especially when your mind in its highly sarcastic or mean voice says...

“Well, yeahhhh I don’t have it! Take a look... (client/cash/ sales/car/travel etc) is not here!"

"And you are not with hiiiiimmmmm (or her) or anyONE!!! And don’t you remember what you looked like in the mirror this morning? Yeah, not good!”

So your mind says some things like that, maybe it’s kinder or, maybe it’s harsher, harder, nastier.


Either way...

Here’s the thing you must remember:

  • You are not your MIND
  • You are not the THOUGHTS that you think and that are swirling around IN your mind
  • You can CHOOSE the thoughts that you WANT swirling around in your mind

Also, because I am so helpful ;) and really want to make sure you really get ALL of this....

Here is your bonus section:

  • You are NOT your feelings or your emotions either, even if they do feel TRUE to you or VALID
  • You can release the feelings that you are “feeling” at anytime
  • You can CHOOSE the feelings and emotions you that you WANT to feel


So, if your mind (thoughts) or body (feelings) are in a state of “I don’t have XYZ”, then you can’t have it, and nothing will SHIFT or budge or CHANGE.

You are better to imagine having it, using it, playing with it, enjoying it, driving it, lying in bed with it - even just for a minute.

Hold those thoughts (in your mind) and feelings (in your body) for as long as you can. Without doubt, worry. 

Just let yourself be there for a moment. 


And, if you can’t right now imagine it, because there is too much EVIDENCE all around you that you don’t have “it” and that it’s not going to happen and maybe it will never happen...

...then your work is to let it the f go COMPLETELY.

Just let it go. 
Out loud say “f*ck this shit” and go do something else.
DROP it. Drop the thing / goal/ money / guy/ girl / body / dream… drop itttttttttt ;)

Go for a walk, get a coffee, go workout, get outside for 5 minutes if that's all you've got free.

Are you willing allow yourself to go there even for a minute?

Or will you keep punishing yourself for the failures, the current situation, the current state of your love life or the form of your body?!?!

And, remember your awareness of it not being here is perpetuating that experience...


Lauren xx


P.S. If you are stuck in the awareness of not having what you want, you will never create/allow/receive/get what you want.

Your awareness of lack keeps it at arms reach.

Your awareness of your body not in the condition you want, keeps it just as it is.

Your awareness of your business not being where you thought it would be by now...keeps it exactly where it is...

yeahhhhhh not fun!!!

With a few easy to do MIND tricks we can get your mind focused in the right direction, in the right way...

That is supporting your ACTIONS not hindering them!

Ready to take control of your life, results, success & lifestyle?

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