What you FOCUS on, you create....
With your FEELINGS and not just your THOUGHTS.

Want more clients, but FEELING anxious or worried about it?...
Can't happen from there.

Want more money, but FEEL uneasy every time you spend what you have or stressed about bills?...
Can't happen from there.

Want a new holiday/opportunity/lover, but FEEL like it's never going to happen?...
Can't happen from there either.

The way you FEEL attracts.

The vibration you are 'putting out there' or 'offering' or 'sending out'...

IS WHAT ATTRACTS in your life.....not just your thoughts.

This is why affirmations, mantras or reading Think and Grow Rich, leaves MOST PEOPLE struggling, stressed, unhappy and still broke or without the money they want.

If your THOUGHTS are aligned with your FEELINGS, then you have found your place of power in CREATING what you WANT.

But if your THOUGHTS are
- negative
- out of sync
- out of alignment

With your FEELINGS, you will always CREATE and ATTRACT what you feel.

Details matter.

And many completely misunderstand these details of creating your reality and manifesting.