As long as you fantasize about the thing, the person, the RESULT and you continue to put it on a pedestal…

You will SEPARATE yourself from it.

Separation in your mind, results in separation in your life 😧☹️

What you PERCEIVE as ON a pedestal will REMAIN there.

It will remain at a distance, not part of your life experience or over there in someone else’s life but not for you.

Fantasy in terms of the THING/PERSON/RESULT being somewhere else, in some other time, in some other version of your life (the one you dream about but don’t BELIEVE you can have) and your life experience…

...results in just that - the thing / person / result - being outside of your life experience.

Use your fantasy thing/result to FUEL you in drive, in action.

But take it off the pedestal first.


- Lauren Raso