I SEE YOU. Getting your DOPAMINE hits.
Your VITALITY wanes. I can see in your eyes.

And, so this is what I SEE - as you ignore your SOUL, ignore your PURPOSE, crush your dreams and escape in the hits...

Your LIBIDO will drop. 😧
You’ll blame it on fatigue. You’ll blame it on being busy. On your age. On your horrrmones. On your partner. On your kids.

But you won’t really GET what’s going on.
I mean everyone says your sex-drive drops right?!?
That it’s “normal”...

It’s not.

lauren raso 1.jpg

Maybe, you’ll get caught on, addicted to... sex...or porn. 😈💻👿

You’ll CLING to sex to give you a hit...to ESCAPE. You’ll have sex to ESCAPE your reality. To escape your life.

(When all this time sex is meant to bring you more and more into the searing present moment...but that’s a conversation for another time)

But you’ll go to porn and sex for your hit.

💻 👿

For a break. For an escape. For the DOPAMINE.
To stop the thinking.

To stop the feeling that’s eating away at you...

But... guess what, it won't help long term.


You’ll binge on food. 🍔🍟🍰🍩
You’ll eat crap.
And, you’ll feel like yuck...heavy..lethargic...


You’ll berate yourself for your WEAKNESS.

You’ll BERATE yourself for your weakness, for not having all the THINGS you should have by now, for not being good enough/ lean enough / rich enough / successful enough...

So, you will PUNISH yourself. ☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽
With your thoughts...With your reflection in the mirror...

And, then at the gym.

You’ll cling to the working-out as your SAVIOUR.

You’ll overtrain (most do), and you’ll get your DOPAMINE hit from working out.

Yah...I see you doing that too.

You’ll drink. 🍷🍸🍺🥃

Escape in the alcohol, more and more. Because it’s fun right? (yes I know)

And when you drink, you THINK less and also…


that you just can’t put a NAME to…

That you can’t seem to escape it.
Or get rid of it...
Or get away from…

Yah, that goes quiet for a bit.

Maybe you’ll take pills. 💊

Maybe you’ll line your weekends and your nose with coke. ❄️

More and more and more.
More HITS. More dopamine hits.

Hit. Hit. Hit. 💥💥💥

You’ll chase those hits.

Trying to escape that feeling.
Trying to FIX it.
That feeling that you just can’t seem to get away from.
That feeling that’s eating you from the INSIDE OUT.

Of your dreams, goals, aspirations dying, from the inside out.

Of your body becoming ill from the inside out.

Your heart being broken, by you, from the inside out.

Your Soul crying from the inside out. 😥😥😥

As you continue to crush your own dreams and ignore your Soul, that knows...that knows, you are not meant to be grinding for the man…or grinding in this thing that is not your true PURPOSE work and not your Soul CALLING.

My question for you is - How much longer are you going to do it for?

And, I KNOW…

Because you are DRIVEN and a GOOD woman or GOOD man - you will keep taking it, you’ll keep grinding in this thing that is not you passion, and you’ll keep.on.going.because.this.is.where.you.are. and.what.else.are.you.going.to.do?!?!

And, I KNOW...

You’ll GET BY on your dopamine hits...whichever ones are your THING - FB, Insta, sex, porn, binge eating, junk food, over-training, alcohol, drugs - you’ll keep on your hits.

And, I KNOW…

You’ll keep grinding in that THING, that WORK, that does not LIGHT YOUR SOUL ON FIRE…🔥

But really...

How much sinking are you willing to take?

How many symptoms in your body are you willing to accept as OK and “normal”?

How much more crushing of your own UNIQUE and individual DREAMS, GOALS and ASPIRATIONS are you willing to sacrifice, in the name of a - doing what is “right” or what society told you was the “right” way to do “life”, or in looking “right” by your peers/parents/family, or for security, or in being PROFESSIONAL?

How much more Soul pain are you going to take?😥😪😞

And I say this with all my love - but when are you going to wake tf up and realise that all of this, THAT FEELING, the decrease in vitality or libido, those escape BEHAVIOURS - they are all SIGNS!

Signs that you are ignoring your Soul calling.
Signs that you are not doing the work you are here for.
Signs that you are smushing, hiding, suppressing your authentic dreams, goals and aspirations.

Wake up baby!

Wake up and smell the binge/food/sex/ porn/gym/drink/drug habits and addictions for what they REALLY are!

See the hits for what they really are!

Signs for you to wake up, stop mucking around on a life that is NOT you real desired life.

Got it?


Love you,

Lauren xx 💜🔥💎

Ready to break the cycle of dopamine and escape?!?

Ready to break through your limiting habits, that sabotage your desires, success, love, body, life?!?

Ready to develop the focus, discipline AND state of being required to create the success you are so DESPERATE for?

Ready to finally ACT the things you know you really WANT in your life, the WAY you want it to really BE?!?

To REWIRE your mind and body for your success?