For whatever reason, past event or multiple events, wounds, traumas...You now find yourself in a state of lacking trust. In Life. In Yourself.

And, now in the most DEBILITATING WAY -

In your CAPACITY to transform your POTENTIAL into actual, physical and tangible RESULTS (aka that money flow, sexy love, luscious life kinda thing).

You don’t trust life, yourself or your capacity...It courses through your body as anxiety…as unease…and, runs RAMPANT through your mind as a constant prattle of

“You’re not safe. “You’re not going to make it. You’re not going to fix this”.

...louder still, your underlying anxiety... “Bitch pay attention to me, you are NOT safe, you are not OK and you are fucking everything up!”

The THING is, your lack of trust, is by its very nature a feeling of -


And lack coursing through your veins, your mind, your being, will bring nothing but a tonne of lack.

It breeds scarcity.

Which is coursing through your veins, your neurons, your energy field.

So of course, as you vibrate in your current state of DISTRUST, for whatever VALID reason you may have (real events, real trauma, real stuff DID happen...yes I know…)

Life gives you in return, more experiences, people, failures that VALIDATE everything you already FEEL.

lauren raso

I’ll cut to the chase.

You will never get to where you want from here.

You are TRAPPED in a loop of distrust, lack, scarcity, that unless you transform, transmute and flip, will have you struggling in business, love and life for the rest of your days.

And gorgeous, THAT is grim af.

I am going to take your mind, your body and your being through a program unlike any other.

Why, how, what?

Alchemy of Rewiring your Mind, Self-Empowerment, changing your Self-Perception, Emotional Clearing, Self-Responsibility, Abundance Alignment plus a tonne of Discipline, Focus, Practical Action 🔥🔥🔥

Little girls in victim mode need not apply.

Your POTENTIAL IS LIMITLESS...sure, but it is also USELESS if you stay in a state of distrust, lack, scarcity, shame, fear and letting the inner child wounds and programming run the show.

If you are ready to unravel the scarcity, lack and distrust that is coursing through your veins,

And want to shift your entire being and PERCEPTION to a new level

And, not just be AWARE of your potential

But EMBODY the successful, focused, disciplined, magnetic, abundant person you are

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