Underpinning your actions, your posts, funnels, live streams, webinars, Instagrams, Snaps and whatever else you are doing in your business and life…

…..is a stream of negative, unsupportive, limiting thoughts.

And in life, whether it’s your business,
Your "healthy” eating,
Your fat loss regime,
Your dating game,
Your money...

It's the Same, Same.

For some people even though they are taking ALL THE ACTIONS!  The MINDSET- journalling, re-writing beliefs, success mantras, the dream visuals, visualisations....it simply is not enough to get them to the life, biz, body, love they want.

Works for some. But not for all.


Why’s that?

Your brain has LITERALLY become wired to these negative/ limiting thoughts over years and years. Your mind is heavily ingrained in these NEURAL PATHWAYS. And because these neurons in your brain fire on AUTOPILOT, it becomes very difficult to create and get what you want.

And for some people, the journalling, the re-writing out your beliefs, the affirmations and mantras, visualisations - it just doesn’t cut it.

You are up against WIRING that has been FIRING IN YOUR BRAIN FOR DECADES...

Many that were formed BEFORE you even understood you were separate being from your parents…

That have been RUNNING YOUR LIFE and therefore have BUILT UP and huge amount of SUPPORTIVE DATA and SUPPORTIVE “FAILURE” EXPERIENCES.

For some people, we have to go deeper.
Maybe you are one of those people.
I was.

For some people, we have to do more digging, and acknowledging, forgiving and releasing…
Maybe you are one of those people.
I was.

For some people, you’ve the journalling, the belief re-writing, the mantras or affirmations, the dream visuals and STILL you don’t have the LIFE-BIZ-BODY-LOVE YOU WANT…

That you EXPECTED to have by now…

I was.  Maybe you too.

I have created a program that goes deeper for this exact reason.

I have been there and I know that sometimes, even with the BEST intentions, and giving it YOU ABSOLUTE ALL...it still doesn’t “work”.

If that is then this program is for you.
It’s private, it’s in-depth, it’s the real honest truth about acknowledging, accepting, forgiving, loving and releasing…

Because sometimes journalling and re-writing beliefs, visualisations just doesn’t cut it.

Email today at info@laurenraso.com if you are ready to really shift and transform this!

All my love,