In the last 12 months, I have invested over $15,000 in coaching.

The truth is, I felt scared to invest that money. I didn't know how I was going to pay some of it.  I didn't know if I would make the money back. And I was scared of failing.

But I had been working at my biz long enough to know...


1. I wanted someone to help me! 

2. I didn't have all the answers (and I was tired of trying to come up with all the answers)

3. I was sick of struggling, of not making the money I desired, of not having ideal clients, not having an impact

4. I wanted someone to tell me WHAT TO DO!

5. The women I followed and looked-up to, all had 1:1 coaches or a mentor.


I had to swallow my pride.

I had to acknowledge that I didn't have all the answers (don't tell my boyfriend I said that!)

And I had to take a risk!


But what I received in return is INCREDIBLE!
I invested over $15k in the last 12 months in coaching, and because of that coaching, I have reached a place in my business, where I can make that in a week!
(Which is so amazing and just the beginning!)

I dreamed of having 5 figure months. I dreamed of finally breaking through that elusive $10k month barrier, (which for many reasons) I had not been able to break through.


Looking back, I am grateful that I took that risk, that I got help from someone who had done it before and who could coach me, teach me and show me what to do.

And now it's your turn to make $5k or $10k+ in your business, to find your ideal clients, and to finally start having an impact in the world!


Fear is a normal part of having a business. I was scared to invest in coaching, but because I took that leap of faith and got help, my business has taken off and I feel proud of myself.

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Lotsa love,
Lauren xx

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