Have you ever had those times when you feel like your business and life are falling apart?

I'm talking, business is basically dead, your money situation is completely messed up and even other areas of your life like your relationship, health or family has gone to sh$t!?!

Those times...

When you feel despair.When you feel hopeless about your situation.

It wasn't that long ago when I was right in the middle of this.  To say that the sh$t had hit the fan was an understatement!!!  More like all over the walls and all over the furniture  ;)

At the very end of 2014 and beginning of 2015 I hit a seriously low point.

I had fallen out of love with the work I was doing (health consulting, nutrition & physiology consulting).
I was struggling with severe seasonal affective disorder and depression in the middle of my second London winter.
I kept pushing and pushing in my business to make something happen, but nothing was coming of it.
I had no clients.
I had no money coming in.

I felt heartbroken....Depressed. Despair. Powerless. Hopeless.

We talk about the struggle, the stress and the overwhelm in online business and being an entrepreneur.  But not many people want to talk about when things are so, so bad, that you feel hopeless and you have no idea what to do. It's like it's too deep. Or it's too honest...Too raw.


 But I've been there and I know some are there now and some might be there in the future.  And I want to share with you what I did to turn my business, wellbeing and life around.


1. I stopped pushing and trying so hard.

The situation I was in had momentum!  My life and business were on a serious negative roll! And my pushing and trying so hard was just making things worse. (It usually does and it has to do with law of attraction).  It was detrimental to my wellbeing and business. So I stopped.


2. Rest.

I got on a plane and headed to the sun and warmth of the Australian summer. I went to the beach, I lay in the sun and I rested. It wasn't cocktails on a lounge kind of chilling, more replenish my spirit kind of rejuvenation.I had an upcoming conference in Australia, so I extended my trip on either side.

You may not be able to go some where else, but you can find a time and place to rest- a park, a beach, a cafe, a different room of the house.


3. Wellbeing

I focused on my wellbeing - mental, emotion, physical.  I meditated each day, I ate nutritious meals, I read books that felt good (like Game of Life), I got sunshine, I spent time in nature each day, I did EFT, I took myself out for coffee and brownie.

I was nice to myself and it made the world of difference.


4. It is what it is

I accepted what had happened. It was what it was. It was already done and nothing was going to change it. No, I didn't stay in this state 24/7!  Not many can!  But I did my best to keep re-framing and to accept the situation.

Fighting it and making myself feel worse were not going to attract clients, money, opportunities or any good stuff!


5. Appreciation

I did gratitude and appreciation work, journaling and saying out loud all the things I was thankful for. Most people need to get to a state of acceptance before they can reach gratitude and appreciation, it can be a too big a step from despair, so getting to acceptance goes a long way to then finding gratitude.


6. Back to Business Basics

Only after a period of doing all of the above, did I start working in my business again.  I did exercises to get clarity on my direction, my desires, my values, my niche, my services, my new offerings. I did research, I went back to basics with posting and marketing.

I didn't try to reinvent the wheel!  I did the basics, but I was now in a place of peace and calm and not desperation, fear and pressure.


7. Coaching

I was working with a 1:1 Coach during most of this time and I was in an ongoing group program too.  For me, having 1:1 coaching support, assistance and help during this time was important.

Having 1:1 coaching is not always the right option for everyone, some may be better to get settled first (with steps 1-5) and then invest in a coach once they feel settled. Others may feel like they want to be able to talk to someone about what is going on, they like the feeling of having someone on their side or the like having someone who believes in them even when they doubt everything and themselves. That is a personal choice.


Ultimately, because I followed this process, I was able to create a $5k month in my very first month in business, in a brand new business, with new target market, new list, new offerings, new website.


But what was more important to me than the money (it felt great not going to lie), was that by following this process -

- I had turned things around and,

- I had been able to do it so quickly


If you are feeling like everything is completely messed up... Or if you are feeling depressed, despair or hopeless about your business (life or finances), know that you can turn this around, you do have the power to turn this around, and others before you have turned situations like this around.

If you would like to have someone supporting you, guiding you and believing in you as you turn things around, I have both 30 day and 90 day support options to help and mentor you through times like this.

Click here if you would like to speak to me privately about support.



P.S.  You also don't have to go through this alone!
Sometimes we forget to ask for help, we are ashamed or embarrassed.

As I have shared, I've been there and I remember the heartbreak and sadness vividly.

In just a short amount of time, I was able to turn my business, life and wellbeing around and I believe you can too.

Click here to speak to me privately about 1:1 coaching, mentoring, training and support.