It weighs on you.
A pressure on your chest.
Pushing down.
Weighing on you.

You want to run and hide.
You want to escape.
To leave the pressure and the weight behind.

You feel the pressure weighing down on you.
And you can barely handle it.

It’s pushing you away.
And you want to cave....
To escape....

To drink.
Or binge eat.
To escape in sex.
Or chocolate.

You want to escape the pressure, that’s sitting on your chest.

That feels like...
The weight of the world
On you.

This message.
This art.
These ideas.
These creations.
And this vision.

Feeling like a invisible truck pressing you down, holding you down.

You want to escape like you used to.
All those years.
This feeling.
This weight.
You had no idea what it was.

You just was how everyone felt.
You thought everyone had these messages and art and ideas and creations....and vision.

...but now you know...the truth...that it's just a few.....

And in the past....
You would turn to an escape.

Alcohol. Sex. Chocolate. Food.

To ease the pressure.
To ease the weight.

TO take your mind away.
Just for a night.
Just for a little bit.

TO forget the message.
To forget the vision.

To be normal and free just for a night.
And that’s what you did.
For years.

Because you did not know, what was going on.
You did not know what this feeling was.

But you knew it felt too much for one person.
So you would escape.
Run away.
Have sex.

But now you know...
Now you are different.


You can’t escape like you used to, because it makes it worse.

The truth is...

You have evolved past your own escapism.


Funny thing that.

You have evolved past your own VICES.

Of course, that’s the way it is.
That’s the way you are.

You always wanted to grow and your life has always been dedicated to your own expression and purpose and expansion.

And so here you are…again…feeling like you have the weight of the world on your chest.

And…the consciousness to know that the escaping won’t work…
not in the long run…
not in the way that you are OK with.

So you do the only things that will work now…

You sweat.
You work out.
You dance.
You move.
You write.
You create.
You make art.
You meditate.
You listen to music.
You get in the ocean.
You ground.
You rest.
You nap.

You do what you gotta do…

because your VICES won’t save you...

And you can't escape the message, the art, the ideas, the creations...the vision.

And you know that too.

Lauren 💜

P.S. You are meant for SO MUCH MORE.

Your message, your gifts, your magnificent life....are all meant for you.
But your doubt, your worry, your stress, your anxiety, your pressure...
It sabotages you...and your dreams.

It's time to break through your limiting patterns and to finally step up and claim all that you desire and all that you know is meant for you.

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