This contains "bad" language (and CAPS LETTERS)... continue reading at your own risk.

You might not know this about me, but I am a passionate, feisty, half-Italian, Aries woman!

I don't always swear and drop f-bombs to you, but some days I am just so freaking riled up, that I can't stop it.

Today is one of those days.

Here's why...

You are meant to live your Dream life.
You are meant to make amazing Money.
You are meant to do Work you love.

You are meant to Travel the World.
You are meant to Have the Shoes.



So what the fuck are you waiting for?!?!? (You were warned!)


More clients, more money, more freedom, more travel, more shopping...

This shit you want, is not just going to drop into your lap!

I'm sorry Hun, but that's not the way.


And maybe you tell yourself...
- you are waiting for the right time, or
- until you have more money, or
until you feel more settles...


These are all just bullshit excuses that I told myself and I know other women entrepreneurs tell themselves everyday!


I am so f@cking passionate about women being empowered in their FINANCES, BUSINESS AND LIFE.

Here's why...


Because I spent so much of my life being DIS-EMPOWERED.
To family, to men, to money, to life!
I played the victim and I was full of excuses.

And it got me nowhere and nothing, but pain, sadness, poverty and feeling so far from EVERYTHING I knew I was capable of and meant for.



Because we are ALL meant to live brilliant lives.
We are ALL meant to love our lives, enjoy our lives, and feel happy!
We are ALL meant to fulfill our desires and dreams.

Not just a few of us. YOU TOO!

Your dream clients...you are meant to work with them.
Your dream home...you are meant to live in it.
Those shoes...you are meant to wear them and feel fucking fantastic!

BUT... you have to go after it, you have to do the work,

you have to CLAIM IT!

You have to BE EMPOWERED!!!


Are you ready to be empowered, to find more clients and make the money you desire?

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To your empowerment and living your brilliant life,

Lauren xx