I am always open and honest about my past experience of Discovery Sessions...
Sweating body, racing heart were the norm for me before every one!

I disliked Discovery Sessions so much that I used to sit there wishing that my potential clients would not answer!!! Crazy, I know!

Certainly not the way to go about either finding a client or growing a business!


I hated having the money conversation so much, I even used to email potential clients a PDF with my prices in it...after the Discovery Session!!!

OMG! How bad is that!?

I can laugh at myself now, but at the time, I was shit scared and had no idea what to say or do on a Discovery Session.


Honestly, it was a nightmare all wrapped up in a Skype Call!

And that is why I work with my clients closely teaching them all about Discovery Sessions, Sales Conversations and Money Conversations.

I teach and train clients on:
~ How to market for Discovery Sessions
~ How to fill Discovery Sessions
~ How long they go for
~ What to say
~ What to ask
~ How to handle objections


Plus because I know it so well, we work on any nerves, anxieties, or fears around selling, sales and getting paid.

And in private coaching you learn how to have the Money Conversation. When to bring up about payment, what to say if potential clients say "I'd love to but I don't have enough"
and what "I have to think about it" really means!


If you would love to learn to Book 10-20 Discovery Sessions a Month
You would love to learn how to Handle objections during your Discovery Sessions
You would love to Feel Confident and Calm during your Discovery Sessions

Then send me an Email at info@laurenraso.com or Send me a PM on Facebook here.

To more Discovery Sessions!

Lauren xx


P.S. Want to know what Private Coaching is really about?

~ Mindset Coaching to support you to create more Money in your business, so you can re-invest in your business, pay off investments, go out for delicious meals, get massages AND by those shoes!!!

~ Strategy and Mentoring to support you to find More Clients, so you can feel like you have purpose and finally be helping people and having an Impact!

~ Systems to give you More Time and More Freedom, to do other things you love, to spend time with people you love and to just enjoy life!

~ Marketing to support you to Connect with your Ideal Clients, so you know that the work you do in your business is actually Working and Growing your Reach and Audience!

To find out more book a Discovery Session or send me an email at info@laurenraso.com