Are you here for the ride? For the journey?
Are you in this for the FULL length life version?

Or, did you somehow, somewhere along the way, in the doing and the improving and the chasing goals and dreams.....

Drift away from this KNOWING.

Perhaps you started with it. But then...
Disappointments.Challenges. Failures.

And, the thing that you REALLY signed up...
The thing you really threw your hat in the ring for...

You know - THE JOURNEY…

Well, it began to feel a heavy.
It started to weigh you down. 

Weight of the world type thing.
It started to feel all a little TOO MUCH.

Have you felt like this?

And, still now, when you get quiet.  

When you stop and be still, when it’s just you in the quietness and the graciousness of your beautiful being...

You know the journey is what you are really here for.
Adventure. Learnings. Growth. Expansion.


Maybe you wonder...

"When did I get off track?"

"Is this even what I want?"

Maybe you also feel, a little silly, that you got so caught up in the money, success, clients, the stuff, the goals…

Maybe you wonder, with all sincerity...“When did I get like this?”

Do you know what I mean???

I ask you to do this with me right now - 

Stop now and take a moment. 
Sit back in your chair or seat and breathe.
Let your mind sink back into your heart, and into that gracious and beautiful being of yours…

And, observe the way you have been doing and being.

What do you notice? What do you see?

Have you drifted away from you real full-length version life ADVENTURE desire?


It’s OK if you have 🙂 It happens to all of us. All of us driven, passionate, seekers and creators.

Somewhere along the way, in the doing and even in the mindset work, you’ve lost connection with that real, deep, truth that - 

You are really here for the ride, for the adventure and for the JOURNEY.

The thing is - 

When you drift off, drift away from that gracious and beautiful truth of yours…

You get pulled this way.
You get pushed that way.
You get swayed this way.
You get brought along someone else's way.

And you begin to lose sight and connection to your real reason…
For anything…




You came for your Masterpiece Life adventure! And yes(!), the full length EPIC version!

Every time you get SWEPT AWAY in someone else’s dream you lose your way.

When you get caught up in someone else’s business goals, life experience desires and lifestyle wants, you lose connection to YOUR goals, your desires and your lifestyle wants.

And you wonder why it’s not “happening” the way you want?
Why you keep treading water?
Why you are not creating the results or changes you desire...and expected by now?

And - well ABOVE is why 😉
All of the above!

You came for the journey, for the full length epic show and for the masterpiece life adventure.

You know you did!

Stop letting yourself be pushed and pulled all over the place.
Stop getting caught up in everyone else’s desires and dreams.

You are here for your journey and it’s time to get back to it!

Lauren xx

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