You don’t want money!

Yep… you read that right!  YOU DON’T WANT MONEY!


If you are not making the money you desire…

If you don’t have the money you want…

If you are not reaching your financial goals…

There is a part of you that…. DOES NOT WANT MONEY.




You might not even realize that you have this part of your running in the background. And while you a busting your booty and hustling daily, your biz and bank account are flat-lining!

So why might there be part of you, that doesn’t want you making a bunch of mula?

Here are a few reasons that I personally uncovered and that I have uncovered working with my business and mindset clients…

  • You could have a fear that you will spend it all and end up with nothing
  • You might be scared that more money will change you into... (bitch, self-centered, rude, snobby)
  • You might fear that more money will change your relationship with your partner
  • You might fear that your partner/lover/significant other will treat you differently
  • You may fear that making the money you desire will impact your friendships
  • You might be worried that making the money you want, will change what people think of you
  • You might fear that making a bunch of money will bring out all the haters who are going to hate on you all over the internet
  • You might not like the feeling of not having money after you have spent it, so you avoid making it in the first place so you can avoiding that all spent feeling
  • Your family may not like people who are wealthy and so you don't want them to change their opinion of you
  • You might fear that making money will go to your head and have you running around town and online like a power-crazed nutbag

These are just a few underlying beliefs that you may have running subconsciously.



First get clear on whether any of these resonate with you.

Do any of these feel true for you?

Or is there another one not mentioned here?

Journal, write it out, write them all out and see what comes up.


Once you have clarity, create a new belief that is the positive opposite of what you feel is running subconsciously.

  • Eg.  You could have a fear that you will spend it all and end up with nothing

Then your new positive opposite belief statement becomes:

  •  I enjoy creating and spending money and I know that I will always create more and have more and more money.  

Create a belief statement that resonates with you and feels great to you (super important!).

It may seem strange and crazy that part of you doesn’t want the money that you desire to create in your business and to enjoy more of life.

However, part of your brain is just trying to keep you safe and alive, with friends and family that love you!

You may also have picked up a few thoughts, beliefs and habits throughout your life, from those around you, that you don’t’ even realize and bubbling away under the surface!


Mindset work truly is the key to making the money you desire, creating a successful business and a life you freaking love!

Lotsa love,

Lauren xx


P.S. Did some of these fears feel familiar to you?

Do you think you might have something limiting and blocking your money making?

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