Time is running out on the Wealth Evolution Private Coaching Program and your chance to get the bonus coaching hours (price increasing Oct 1st).

If you have been thinking about coaching, now is the time to book a Discovery Call. Arrange a time here.


If you have had a Discovery Call or you know you really want the support and guidance of 1:1 coaching but keep thinking..."How I am going to pay for it?!"


Private Wealth Evolution Coaching is for the Woman who:

1. Wants help to Find more Clients

2. Wants to Make more Money (and breakthrough to 5 Figure Months)

3. Is sick of feeling stressed, overwhelmed and unsure about what to do

4. Wants someone to tell her what to do, what to prioritize & what to focus on

5. Would love to have someone who has done it before show them the step-by-step to grow her business


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Lotsa love,
Lauren xx


P.S. How you run your business (and you) is essential to getting clients, making money and creating time for your dream lifestyle.

Feeling overwhelmed, stressed and procrastinating, will never get you the cashola and clients you want!

If you have no clients or only a few clients, we must FOCUS your time and energy on activities that bring in new clients, new sales, and money.

And coaching is the perfect way to learn what to focus on, what to do each day in your business and how to do it (so you actually get RESULTS!)

Book a Discovery Call here or if you want coaching but have no idea how to pay for it, book a money manifesting call and send a PM here.




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