Everything you do, is “costing” you and I’m not talking about money.

Every task, every activity that you engage in, is “costing” you...your life.

Every person you interact with, speak to, do business with, serve, sell to, date, kiss, have sex with, marry...is in essence in exchange for your life.

The very essence of your experiences, things, stuff, people (friends, partners, clients, mentors) is costing you your life.

Energy. Life Force. Life.

Time is a valuable asset.


Perhaps, your Life and your Life Force is your most value asset.

Your most valuable “commodity”.

Your most precious resource.

You can give time to things, but is it worthy of your Life Force?

Is he worth it? Is she worth it?
Is the date, sex, relationship worth it?

Is that task worth it? Is that offering worth it? Is that activity worth it? Is the meeting worth it?

Is that food worth it? Is that movement worth it? Is that trip worth it?

This is not about deducing a man, a woman, a date, meeting, a project to a numerical ROI.

But, energetically, is it “worth” the exchange of your life force?

Does the activity, person, task, thing, merit the exchange of your most precious...

And your rare resource - you...your life?

The activities you engage in, the tasks you carry-out, the people you interact with -

Is this shifting you towards “more” life?

Is it increasing YOU? Your being? Your expansion?

Is this interaction with this person worth the expenditure of your life?

Simple questions to ask yourself, daily, hourly…

Sometimes the answer will be a conscious knowing that in the LONG TERM the cost of YOUR life for this particular activity or interaction is

A straight up benefit.

Yet, sometimes it will be - initial “drawback”, followed by long term “benefit”.

Is it time to be more cut-throat, savage with the LIFE you exchange for what you do, who you interact with?

Or is it time to be more open, softer, yielding to experiences, people, opportunities that the Universe is serving up to you?

The choice, as always, is yours to make 😉

If you are ready to become more conscious of the exchange you are making with your most precious and valuable asset - you, your life force, your life and YOU WANT HELP, GUIDANCE, STRATEGY AND ACCOUNTABILITY TO DO IT - MESSAGE ME TODAY

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