You are settling for less that you want and you know it.
In fact, you are settling for faaaar less than what you truly desire…and you know it.

If you are honest with yourself...
Really honest...
You will finally acknowledge that you are settling.

Settling in life.
Settling in pleasure.
Settling in money.

And if you are really honest with yourself…

It’s because you don’t think you can have it.
Or you don’t think you deserve it.
Or you don’t think you are worthy of it.
Or you don't think you can manifest it.
Or you feel guilty about wanting more….

....especially when others, maybe even others around you or in your family, have less….and may always have less.

So you settle for LESS that what you really WANT to MANIFEST.

And do you know WHAT happens when you do that???

You feel unhappy.
You feel unsatisfied.
You feel unexpressed.
You feel stressed.

Because you KNOW within you that you are not MANIFESTING all that you desire.
That you are holding yourself back.
That you are RESISTING all your amazing desires.

And do you know WHY you FEEL like that?

Because really YOU are a MANIFESTING QUEEN.

That is your TRUE nature.
That is your NATURAL state.
Manifesting is what you are HERE FOR!!!!

To manifest and create the LIFE you really WANT.

And anytime you are SETTLING for LESS than what you WANT.

You stifle you. You create struggle, stress, lack of fun, lack of pleasure, even illness.

You manifest so much LESS than what is AVAILABLE for you.

> Don't you think it's time to stop settling for less?
Less than what you want?

>Don't you think it's time to stop settling for less?
Less than is HERE waiting for you to stop BLOCKING IT!!!??!?!

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