In my personal experience and as a business and wealth consciousness coach to female entrepreneurs I have found that sometimes you have to take the lead and the universe has to catch up to you.

Frequently when a coach or entrepreneur is considering private 1:1 coaching, a new coaching program or up-leveling their business or life in some way, their business or finances might not look like they in the right place.

But even though from the outside it might not look like the right next step, on the inside it FEELS like you are meant to do this.

There's a fire in your belly and a voice saying "Yes" or "This is for me" or sometimes it's saying "I must do this!".

And that's when you have to take the lead, and let the universe play catch up.



You have to grab that desire with both hands and take control and take the leap.  It's usually pretty scary, and that voice in your head can be telling you "You can't do it" or even worse, totally freaking out!

But being an entrepreneur you have to take risks. If risks send you into extreme anxiety, panic or complete shutdown mode, then maybe entrepreneurship is not for you. A little anxiety or some doubt is completely normal.

This is not a rehearsal, this is not a practice-run. This is your opportunity to grow, to make more money, to serve more clients, to share your message with more people and to change the world. This is your opportunity to fund your dreams, to travel the world, to enjoy great food, fashion, art or whatever it is that you love. This is your opportunity to turn your dreams into reality and to live a life you love.

When you take the lead (and take the leap) you are telling the universe what you desire and what you expect.  Afterwards something amazing catches up and after it catches up (and get's the message the you mean business about this dream life of yours) it then responds many times over in so many more ways than you asked.

Sometimes taking the lead is exactly the next best step!

Have you ever taken the lead, taken control and made a leap?