Show me your Soul.
Show me your truth.
Show me your heart.

Show me your wounds.
Show me your scars.

Show me your wisdom.
Show me your power.

You can hide them from me.
Your heaviest thoughts. The fears, doubts, worries that weigh you down.
The pains the sit heavy in your chest.

You can keep it all buried deep in your mind, and in your body. 😞

But don’t you realise -

I can see them anyway. I can read it all anyway.

You can do you best,
To keep it from me

But I can see it.
I can read it.
I can read you.

I can see your Soul.
I can read your truth.
I can see you wounds.
I can read your gifts and your power. ✨✨✨

You can continue to hide your real, your raw, your inner most thoughts and feelings from me,

Your real PURPOSE ✨🔥💃🏽🙌🏽

Your Soul calling…

The truth is, I can read it -

Off of you
From you

Without you uttering a word.
Without you making a sound.


When are you going to allow yourself to release, forgive, move on from the pain, fears, doubts?

When are you going to let yourself own your wisdom, your power and your gifts?

When are you going to reveal to reveal your truth and your Soul to the world?

We are waiting.

I am waiting.

Waiting for you to finally BE who you need to BE…

So you can finally LIVE the way you want to LIVE.

So you can finally live the purpose and lifestyle you’ve been doubting.
That you’ve been hiding from.
That you’ve been feeling unworthy of or not ready for…

Are you ready to address all of this HEAD-ON and to STOP burying your wisdom, power and GIFTS?

And, finally stop SACRIFICING your Soul for FEAR and doubt - Message me now about my new private coaching.

Lauren xx

P.S. Why would you want to start revealing your innermost thoughts and feelings?
Maybe so you can break through those fear, worries and doubts.

The only way to the “otherside” is THROUGH.

So WHY would you want to DO this work with me?

Because, through is the ONLY way.

Message me now if you are ready to get started 💜💜💜