As a business owner, entrepreneur and coach to go-getter women in business, sales and selling is inevitable. As much as I didn’t like selling when I started, I had to sell to help people! And the same is for you! There are no ways around it honey!

If you desire to help people, to share your gifts and have an impact on the must learn to sell.

If you are anything like I was, your heart just sank.  And you’re probably thinking…"sheeeeiiiiit"

But don’t worry, because I have your back! If I can go from sweaty, terrified mess to excited, fun and a sales success, you can too!


The number one piece that we must get in place, is your mindset around selling.  If you resent it, your clients will feel that, they will get that stinky resentment vibe wofting off you! And will run the other way! 


This is not ideal if you...

A) Desire to help people

B) Desire to make an impact in the world

C) Desire to pay your bills, rent, mortgage, food for yourself

D) Desire to create a business that funds your dreams and allows you to travel the world, experience different cultures, enjoy shopping, great food and experience the most out of life


We have to turn that nervous, anxious, scared, resentful thing you are giving off, into positive, fun, inspiring, confident energy.


Right now you are probably thinking...

”How can I be happy and confident when I am scared of what they are going to say?”

“How can I be fun and confident when I my hands are shaking from nerves and anxiety; and I am FREAKING out!?”

“How can I enjoy this sales conversation when I need the money!  My rent/ mortgage/ loan payment/ electricity bill is due this week!?”


I HEAR YOU!  I had the exact thoughts myself in the past. I have been there Sister!  That’s why this is the FIRST piece in mastering sales and becoming a sales success is your MINDSET.


So, here is what you do!

To shift from fear, anxiety, resentment, the first step is to get out of your head.  This time is all about your client. This time is about her (or him) and her success.


When we get out of our head, we get out of our drama and we shift our focus on to the client and their needs.




Next, it is a great idea to do something before your sales conversations that relaxes you or brings you to the present moment. Deep breathing, meditation, reading, going for a walk, will shift you into the present. And this is exactly where you must be for your sales conversation.


Finally, working through your resistance and blocks that may be programmed from childhood or deep seated from past experiences is an essential element to creating a successful mindset around selling.

You have a gift to share and you are here to help people; and developing your successful sales mindset is the first place to start to build your business and transform people’s lives. So let's get selling!


Are you ready to develop a success mindset around selling? Are you ready to help more people and have a BIG impact on the world? Join Lauren for a private Discovery Session to find out how you can become a sales success, get more clients and make a bigger impact in the world, arrange your call here.