I have been thinking about refinement...

Refinement in life.
Refinement in business.
Refinement in money.
Refinement in sex & relationships.

“Refinement”… Is a beautiful word. 
The way it rolls off the tongue.
Smooth. Classic. Beautiful. Kind.



We can be so quick to label experiences, problems and things that don’t go as planned, or as we hoped, as MISTAKES, or as FAILURES.

And usually what follows are feelings of disappointment, anger, blame, being disheartened, even depression and despair.

What if everything is about REFINEMENT?
What if ALL LIFE is about refinement?

In life.
In business.
In money.
In sex & relationships.

When you make a “mistake” or fail - isn’t it really about something not going as you wanted or desired?!
And what if your mistakes and failures were really about gathering INFORMATION?!

What if your failures were really about bringing together life experience DATA, for the purpose of refining your experience, and your life!

If you viewed your mistakes, failures, and stuff-ups in this light, or as “data”... COUPLED with the UNDERSTANDING that it was ALL part of the process of REFINEMENT.

• How would you think the mistakes and the failures?
• How would you FEEL about them?
• And how would you FEEL about YOURSELF?...

Would you feel better? 
Would you feel more faith and belief?
Would you feel more gratitude? 
Would YOU be kinder to YOU?!?!
Those failed businesses, business ventures and bad clients,

Those career stuff-ups, mis-directions, and poor decisions,

Those poor financial choices, and money management,

Those relationship mistakes, poorly-judged hook-ups, and failed relationships,

IS about gathering more information, more knowledge, more learnings and more data, for REFINEMENT.
•of YOUR life.

Without them, you can not evolve, you can not expand and you can not grow.

You simply can not become more, experience more joy or grow and develop without the refinement of your past experiences.

You are never going to stop wanting improvement,expansion or growth. That part is wired into your very being.

So,let it all be REFINEMENT & be kinder to YOU ❤️