I am back in London after a wonderful trip to Italy.  We were nestled right on the border of Umbria and Tuscany, where the weather and food were just amazing!

My friends wedding, at the beautiful Borgo Bastia Creti was perfect.  It was her big dream, to get married at this beautiful location and she made it happen.  It had me thinking about how sometimes our true desires can feel so big, that they feel seem impossible and we put them in the not for us basket.

If you are like me, you have many dreams and desires that seem to rise up all day, every day!

Our dreams come bubbling up in our mind. We feel inspired and giddy with excitement, as we imagine our dream being our reality.

But what I see so often, and used to do myself, is to put out that flame of excitement. Or label something as impossible and forget about it.

We have been taught to smush our big dreams. We have been taught to brush them aside and even ignore our desires.

We think small and to act small. Partly to keep us "safe". Partly because we are trying to work out in our mind how we are going to make it all happen (hint: you don't need all the answers before you begin, and most likely you will never have all the answers of 'how to do it' before you begin!).

And we think and act small, partly because when you are off living your amazing, brilliant dream life, it may make those around you, feel like poop.  So we keep our dreams small, or hidden or smushed.

But the truth is, when we dream (and do) big, we give those around us permission to dream big (and not just dream big, but actually make those near impossible things, happen).

When we create our big dreams, we inspire others and we show others what is possible and what is available to us all.

Whether it's a wedding in Italy, creating a multi-million dollar business, building a dream home or creating a charity, the bigger you dream (and do) the better for you and everyone around you.