WOW! What a week it has been in Paris!

It began with champagne and canapes, then dinner on the Champs Élysées, followed by two intense and inspiring days with my entrepreneurial sisters, learning and growing with my coach and mentor.

I coached my clients from the beautiful hotel,then spent a wonderful few days and nights with my partner taking in the magnificent sights, wandering the streets and enjoying delicious food and wine!

To my delight I found many gluten and wheat-free patisseries, including this little gem Chamberlland which had the most divine chocolate molten cakes and chocolate pies!


We visited the Eiffel Tower and what a spectacular sight at night it is. I was truly blown away standing below and looking at the detail of the structure.



And I was thinking about the effort and detail that goes into building a laptop lifestyle business. Often, when entrepreneurs get a hold of the laptop lifestyle idea, the life by design notion and the law of attraction (LOA), they slip into an entrepreneurial sleep!

They have built the website and now they are waiting for people to come. And when those who do actually take a look at their website stats, see that 20 unique visitors have visited their site in the last month, they wonder what they did wrong!

Or perhaps they created a free opt-in, they have had some sign ups and they are wondering why they still don't have any clients (or not the 10 1:1 clients they desire).

Growing your business takes energy, focus, commitment and effort. And while I don't like to call it hard work, it certainly isn't like lazing by the pool drinking cocktails!
  I see many go-getter, smart female entrepreneurs struggle to create a thriving business because of this.  It's the Field of Dreams entrepreneur! Great movie, but not quite how it works!

The first piece of this puzzle is awareness.  Being aware if you have slipped into this behavioural pattern.  I haven't come across an entrepreneur that hasn't, including me!

Take a moment to have look at you within your business.

  • Are you giving your all each day?
  • Are you present and focused on the current task, or distracted and spreading your attention?
  • Are you following through on tasks, or getting 70% done and bailing/starting something new/going on Facebook?
  • Are you putting as much focus and energy into your business as you did in your previous role?
  • Are you showing up in your business, like you showed up to your previous job?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, it may be time to step-up your focus, attention, energy and effort within your business.