Are you struggling with money blocks?

Some "signs" of money blocks at play include:

  • inconsistent income
  • making the same amount month after month in your business
  • feeling guilty or bad about charging for your services
  • avoiding checking your bank account opening or paying bills
  • feeling stressed about money
  • never having enough money or saying the words "I don't have enough money"


These are just a few of the money blocks that may be at play and impacting you creating the wealth and success you desire!

even trickier is, you may have BOTH business money AND personal money blocks IMPACTING YOU!


For a long time I had no idea I had money blocks at play, messing with my money making, my financial success and my business success.

In all honesty, it infiltrated and impacted my whole life.

No one ever taught me about money mindset. It wasn't taught at school. It wasn't taught at university. It wasn't taught in the Business Management course I did either.

Maybe you are like I was, and you don't even know that you have money blocks.

Or maybe you are starting to wonder if this "money blocks" thing is impacting your financial, life and business success.

Or maybe you are totally aware that you have beliefs, thoughts and habits that are really, really NOT supportive of making money, amassing wealth and enjoying the lifestyle you truly desire.


Whatever the case for you, I want you to know that I have been there! And you are NOT alone!

I'm going to be sharing with you more and more about money blocks and money mindset, because I don't know a woman who is not struggling with (or has not struggled with) this.

I'm super excited to be sharing this and so much more with you!

Lotsa love,


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