If you are blogging (or vlogging) and have no clients or only have a handful of clients, then STOP blogging!
You may be thinking, "What?!? Everyone blogs!"

As a coach to go-getter female entrepreneurs, I frequently hear about the struggle with

a) how to find clients
b) what to blog about
c) how to fit in finding clients and blogging (along with everything else)

Well today is your lucky day sister!!!  STOP blogging!

It's my goal to help you make money and grow your business in a smarter & easier way.

Blogging (or vlogging) is a great tool for your business strategy.
However, if you have NO clients or only a COUPLE of clients, then I recommend you stop (for now).


So why no blogging?

Well blogging takes time, sometimes a great amount of time. Some days you have nothing! It's like trying to extract blood from a stone, or inspiration from a tired, overwhelmed, stressed mind, right?!

You can spend hours just squeezing out one blog post out!

I remember some blogs taking a day.  That was all I got done in my business for a full day!

The problem is, that lack of productivity is a real drain on your business, your money making and your success.

It's time for you to become the kick-arse business woman and that means working smarter, not harder!


If you have no or few clients, that time is MUCH better spent on activities that bring in new clients, new sales, and money.


Shift your focus to money making activities.
Shift your focus to finding clients.
Shift your focus to sales.

My recommendation, especially for entrepreneurs that don't have many (any) clients or really need to be generating money pronto is to skip the blogging and focus on money making activities.

However, if you do get great inspiration for a great blog, and you can type it up in 15 minutes MAXIMUM, then type it and post it on your website.

If you get an blog post idea, but after 15 mins you are not finished, save it in a document, note, or draft, and come back the next day for a MAXIMUM of 15 minutes and finish it.
Or type it up in 15 minutes, save the draft and come back the next day for 15 minutes to proof read and post!

This strategy will support you to become more efficient and productive in your business and work day.

As a coach to go-getter female entrepreneurs, my goal is to help you to make more money, become a kick-ass business woman and to help you create a life you freaking love!

Lotsa love,

Lauren xx

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