We all have them.

But wouldn't you love to finally Break Free of your Excuses!?!?

Wouldn't you love to finally stop making lame excuses for why you didn't finish your opt-in, or why you don't have that new client?

Wouldn't you just love to finish the opt-in or get the client instead?



Here is a special guide (including your 5 step plan) to breaking free your excuse making once and for all!

We make excuses when we are not being our "best" or most "fullest" expression of ourselves.

Our "best" self has gone ahead with an idea, an inspiration, a desire.
And we have hung back, held back, or not gone with it.
By that I mean, we haven't followed the inspiration. We haven't taken the action.

Usually this is because of fear, or we have developed habits of not taking action.
After a while this leads to chronic pattern of behaviour.

We can get in a habit of making excuses. Whether it's fear based or not, getting stuck in this leads to more of the same.

We can get caught in Chronic Behavioural Pattern.

Of making excuses for anything and everything.

Excuses about why we don't have clients.
Excuses about why we haven't made a sale.
Excuses about why we haven't made money.
Excuses about why we have not finished the freebie opt-in.
Excuses about why we haven't emailed our list.
Excuses about why we haven't hired a business coach.
Excuses about why we are still struggling.

(etc etc)

Ultimately it's all just excuses. Whether or not there is any element of truth in any of them, is completely irrelevant.

It's a brave woman who can be honest about her making excuses.

To own it and say, "You know what, I keep making excuses about why I'm not where I want to be, why I don't have many clients and why I'm not finishing stuff."

That takes courage.

But it is also really, really smart.
Because excuses will keep you broke and struggling...it's that simple.

A Hobby-ist makes excuses.
A Business Woman does not.

I'm pretty sure you desire to be a successful business woman with a growing and successful business.
And for that growth to occur, it involves your own personal growth as a Business Woman.

To be the woman who - is aware of her behavioural patterns, of her limiting thoughts and habits, of her excuse making - is a huge step toward becoming a kick-ass lady boss with a rocking business!

1. Own them! 

2. Accept that you have learned and developed this pattern of behaviour.
Don't worry, you are in great company ;)

3. Investigate them - why is really going on underneath?
Journal it, write it out, tap it out. Find out what is really going on.

4. Address the real issue.
E.g. Is it fear of being visible? If so, what specifically are you afraid of?
What is the worst that could happen if you get more visible?
What is the best that could happen if you get more visible?
What would you life and business look like if you did get visible?
What will it look like if you continue going as you are?
Why is it important that you move through this fear?

5. Take action immediately.
Now you have uncovered the real issue, it's time to take some inspired action.
If it's a visibility fear, set out to post once a day for two weeks straight and begin immediately.
If it's procrastination, map out how you will complete the task and begin immediately.

If you keep making excuses (no judgement here) I'd love to hear, send me a PM on Facebook and tell me where you are stuck.
Lotsa love,