Have you ever sat down and actually thought about every meal your have EVER eaten in your life and that in SOME way, that meal was brought to you by money?

Have you ever contemplated how every night you have slept in a bed, or on a mattress, in a room, apartment, house, hotel, hostel, or a car even, and that that in some way was "brought" to you by money?

What about every shower or bath you have ever taken, brushed your teeth, washed yourself or your hair, and that every single that you have experienced those things, every day up to now, the experience did come to you in a way - the water, the home, the toothpaste, the brush, shampoo - by money?

What about going even 1km or 1 mile in a car, a bus, a train, a plane, even walked in shoes, or thongs (flip flops) or been barefoot but still had even underwear on, and that MOVING was also in a way Available or an option because of...MONEY?!?

Have you ever used a phone?
Drunk water?
Had a coffee?
Eaten a meal...ever? 📱💡🚰🛀🏽☕️🍕

Has money not literally been there all through your life? Everyday in some way or form...supporting you...being there for you?!?

Have you ever thought about it that way?

Looked at MONEY from that PERSPECTIVE?😎

If you are struggling with money lack, scarcity, never enough I'd has a guess, maybe not...


It's funny how we can CUT down our PERSPECTIVE and tighten our FOCUS so much...that we literally cut out 60-90% of our experience...


Funny that you still kinda feel like it’s never there for you right?

You still think, talk, feel negatively about it right?

...unease. edginess. doubt. worry. anxiety. frustration. despair even...

All of that negative frequency about money, and you wonder why you stay stuck in your money stuff, sales stuff, client payment stuff, bill stuff, debt stuff.


It is one of the simplest things and yet, you focus HARD on your struggle, you lock eyes with it, and you lock your vibration on the lack and scarcity of it

...and so what do you get?

Of course you know the answer, because you’ve been around here long enough and you DO know HOW this all works…...

I’m not telling you anything new (to most of you), but hopefully you can see what I’m getting at?!!?

It’s always been there.

You've just been so focused and LOCKED DOWN HARRRRDDD on it not being there/not enough/the way you want it, that OF COURSE that is what YOU perpetuate 😱😱😱

You can change your situation.

But, you have to change your entrenched habits, limited focus, patterns and programming.

And, you can do that too 🔥💃🏽🔥

Much love,

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