Eye on the prize 👀💸

Are you playing the LONG game or the short game?
Are you seeking instant gratification or practicing patience, focus and follow through?

Are you thinking about and executing on your LEGACY?
Are you WILLING to stay the course for your vision and for your greatest desires?

Are you committed or flaky?
Are you willing to make short term negotiations with yourself for long term experiences and RESULTS?

These are all questions worth your consideration, worth your thought, worth your energy.

And if you find gaps or misalignments with your vision, then you need to be honest with yourself, dig deeper...

Are you willing to transform in the name of your dreams? 

Or in reflection is that dream no longer what you really want?

Conscious Creation, Vision Execution & Legacy requires your Mind, Body and Soul ALL ON BOARD with your desires, mission and vision.


I teach my clients to create reality with Quantum Physics & Universal Laws not airy fairy LOA.

Then we add in Purpose, Pleasure and fierce AF sex and well...

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Here's one of my villa homes in Canggu, Bali in 2017