I was just about to share this image with you of the ART PANCAKES that I ate for brunch here in Bali on Sunday.

I was going to write a short little message about how epic these pancakes were because #PancakeLove and #PancakesAreTheBest and then, the words started to flow...

These pancakes truly were a work of art! And I have a video and photos to prove it.

Delivered to me in the form of sweet potato & buckwheat pancakes, with cashews, raspberries, papaya, raisins, with coconut yoghurt and homemade sweet potato ice-cream.

They nourished my body, mind and spirit more than most breakfasts and most meals.

That’s the thing about ART-

Whether it’s food-art, word-art, music-art, jewellery-art, poem-art, painting-art, ceramic-art, lyric-art, guitar-art, design-art, fashion-art, makeup-art, mother nature-art, love-art, beauty-art, ecourse-art, exercise-art, sport-art…

It nourishes your Spirit. Your Soul. Your Inner Being - whatever word you want to use.




You are living, breathing, moving, speaking, thinking, doing, BEING ART.


You are here to create a MASTERPIECE LIFE.

We are all CREATORS at our very core.
We are creating all the time.
With our thoughts, our vibration, our frequency.
Emitting and receiving.
Consciously or unconsciously.

This is who were ARE.

This is what we BE.

Take a step back for a moment, and take a look at your life, at your home, at your space.

Observe your space, your business, your movements, the work you are doing.

The way you are INTERACTING with life, with people, with things, with the world.

And answer me, these questions -

Is it LIGHT or is it HEAVY?
Is it FUN or is it STRESSFUL?
Is it PLAY or is it HARD?
Do I feel ALIVE or do I feel TIRED?
Do I feel FULL UP or do I feel DRAIN? EMPTY?

And answer me this, honestly, and truthfully -

Am I creating what I really want?

Is it full of the VIBRANCY that I really desire?
Is it full of COLOUR, FUN, PLAY, DELIGHT that I really desire?
Is it ENLIVENED and RICH like I really desire?


Is the what I AM CREATING, right here and right now, the MASTERPIECE LIFE that I want?
What would my Masterpiece Life look like, feel like, smell like, sound like, be like?

You are a creator here to create.

It’s time to let go of the struggle, stress, hard-work and the pressure.
To get out of victim-mode!

To say GOODBYE to that nasty critical harsh dream-crusher in your head.

And to start creating and living TODAY the way you want.
Your delicious ART IS LIFE, the pleasure, the bliss, the freedom, the abundance - right here, right now.

It’s time to transform your life!
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