When is it going to sink in, not just on a mental comprehension level.
You’ve been at that stage for years! Lol 😉

I mean, when will it sink in on a cellular level?

On a heart level?♥️

On a BE-ing level?✨

(Your Soul already knows, so that’s already there.)

I mean deeply integrated within your BEING -

That THAT freedom you are chasing
That THAT space you are chasing
That THAT delicious life you are working so hard to create
That THAT luscious woman juicy feeling you are missing…

Is all right here.
Right now.

And, you get to decide to let it IN, and to LIVE THAT WAY!

lauren raso bali2.jpg

That luscious woman DEEP IN YOUR HIPS...

That innate sensual feeling...

That luscious life…


That luscious in the sheets with your lover /partner / man / woman…

Is all right here for you.

If you just open up!!! And, let it integrate beyond just the mental level!

If you would give yourself the chance to connect to it...and live from it.


It’s wired into you.
It’s the way you are meant to feel and be and live from.

And it’s time to stop the madness of your disconnection...
Of your closed down, clamped SHUT life.

You are a WOMAN and you are explicitly wired for ALL of this….and SO MUCH MORE.

Honey it’s time to let that sweet honey life slip in to your body, your bank and your bed.


This is MY SPECIALITY! And it’s freaking powerful!

Neuroscience (mind reprogramming) combined with deep sensual embodiment for women, message me about it today!!!