No matter what you are doing, being, living, working, pursuing, creating, trying, loving, etc

It's time to really understand about creating, manifesting, allowing and receiving.

It applies to YOUR LIFE. To your RELATIONSHIP. To your BODY. To your BUSINESS.

Here it is -

It's time to STOP THE GRIND.


Grinding the life out of your life!

Grinding the happiness out of your happy!
Grinding the money flow out of your finances!
Grinding the health and vitality of your body!


You feel TIRED.
You end up EXHAUSTED.
A SHELL of WHO you really ARE.
Maybe even...EMPTY.

And then you wonder WHY NOTHING IS WORKING?!?
WHY your dreams aren’t coming to you.
Why all your stuff isn’t manifesting?!?

I know it.


That exhausted, feeling like a shell of the person you KNOW you TRULY are.
That you KNOW you are crushing yourself, your gifts, your potential, your power.

What you really want.  What you really desire What your HEART and SOUL really yearns for
Is fun.

In all areas of YOUR LIFE.

Do you want to know WHERE your GRIND is for!?

Your for your sex! 💥 That is where you grind baby!


You are not here to grind through life. Push. Struggle. Wrestle with life. Become a shell of yourself. End up empty.
Yes- get inspired, create, do, take inspired action, make, collaborate, share, teach, coach, mentor, create, get involved, make, and do some more epic shit…

But -

Don’t fool yourself…Because that feeling inside of you is REAL!

YOU are STILL the kid that secretly just wants to go and throw waterballons!
That wants to go on the waterslide.  Go on ADVENTURES!


I think its time we were all honest with ourselves, and it's time to be HONEST with yourself - and admit that you are sick of the grind.

You are tired, frustrated at how HARD LIFE IS and that you would love to have MORE FUN, MORE PLAY and MORE ADVENTURES.

You must KNOW that it is NOT BAD.  It is NOT WRONG.
It is not SHAMEFUL to want fun, and play in all areas of your life.

And that it is OK to have FUN! To PLAY more. To have more ADVENTURES.

Life was never meant to be a grind. Business, love, health, your body - none of that was ever meant to be HARD WORK and a STRUGGLE.


It can be EASE and FLOW and FUN...if your DECIDE it.

And CREATE it that way.

It’s time to drop the grind.


Save it for your bedroom (gym and dancefloor!)

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Love and Bliss,
xx Lauren