Yesterday I watched a man drown at Bondi Beach.
It was late afternoon, the beach was basically empty and the ocean was fierce.
Waves were crashing over the rocks, the infamous Icebergs swimming pool and onto the shore.

I don’t feel good to share all the details except to say, a beachgoer-watcher-on heard the screams for help and ran straight in. 
Sheer courage.

The Bondi rescue lifesavers raced along the beach in the buggy, and straight out into the ocean to bring him to shore.

They carried out CPR for 30 minutes.


Brought him back to life.


It was shocking.

I started to think.

About dreams, and business, life, goals, desires, money….
What’s it all for? 
What’s it all about? 
What is the point? 
Why go after anything? 
Why have goals anyway?

There are no coincidences in life. I witnessed this and I am grateful for it.

All I wanted in that moment was for that man to be brought back to life.
Not business. Or sales. Or lifestyle. Or money. Or travel. 

So I held my friend Roz hand and we prayed to Universe to Source for this man's life.

We spoke about the things we'd complained about that day, and had been stressing over, worrying about...and here was this man nearly losing his life.


Your life experience, it could be over in a moment. 
We can get caught up in the goals, the desires, the guy, the body, the doing, the sales, the clients, the minutiae so very very easily.

Ask yourself - Is it worth it?

Gratitude for everyone you have in your life. For the love and support all around you.
For all you have. For the drinking water, the electricity, the food, the bed, blankets. For the friends who you.

Ask yourself right now - What am I grateful for?

Right then, in those moments, in that one hour, what really hit me, what really CAME UP for me, from my heart, was “LOVE MORE”.

Love is not a limited resource. You don’t have to limit who you “give” it to, who you share it with, who you send it to.
I want to give more love. By “give” I mean, express more love, share more love, send YOU more love, send ME more love…Ultimately I desire to put more love out into the world…

And do that in the form of mindfully sending you love.
Sending me love.
Sending out love into the world.
In the form of inspiring messages.
Inspiring and uplifting stories.
Stories of hope and lessons from my life.
In the form of hugs. 
Conscious sex.
In the form of Poetry.

Ask yourself - How can I love more today?

If you are not doing what you love with you life...then what are you doing with your life?
It is precious, it could be over in a moment.

Please...please...FIND A WAY to do what you love.
Even for an hour a day...or three...or for your “work”...please...

Ask yourself - How can I do more of what I love today?

Life is precious. Let go of the complaints.
Give more Love. Do more of what you love.


Lauren xx

PS Your life is precious and you have one to live.
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