I did something some people say is wrong.

I took a few weeks break from business at the start of a new year.

Baring some private client coaching calls, a few Instagram posts and some spreadsheet work - I have been on a little break from business.
While many were out there shouting at the top of their online voices about a new year and a new you, I took a break....

And it was amazing.
So what happened?

Well, I experienced an extended stillness of my mind that I have not experienced for a long time.

It was a break from the constant thoughts and ideas running through my mind.
Of course I experience this through meditation, in the evenings or weekends, dozing at the beach and while I'm on holidays.  But this was different.It was like a breeze blew through and left clear blue skies.It was like vast mental space.And it felt like fresh air.I want to be honest with you and share that after the first week or so, I was a little nervous and concerned that I had lost all inspiration and all ideas!

But I didn't want to turn this experience it into something bad or wrong or a problem.

  My intuition told me it was the right thing to do. So I stayed with it and I am grateful I did.I discovered some "aha's", had new realizations and also had some deeper understandings of things I already knew.


It is important to continue to refine how I create my epic life, and dream business, so that I am always fulfilled and living my life the way I want to.Part of this, is to create my life and business intentionally and not be swept up in the latest online craze or idea.

So with this break and mental fresh air, I am have been able to once again learn, grow and refine my life and business.  I am really clear on my intentions to create a life and business by my design.

So what did I learn?!?


Mental Space and "Off Time"

I had a really profound experience of how much my mind is "on".  Even during my off-times (evenings, days off, weekends, holidays). This is not a bad thing. It's a wonderful thing to truly feel inspired, creative and innovative.
I feel more aware of the benefit of mental (and emotional) down time.

It felt like my mind got to real rest for the first time in a long time and it was an amazing feeling.  Longer "off times" (greater than 1-2 weeks) is something I believe all women and entrepreneurs can benefit from to create their epic life and rocking business.



Business and Life by Your Design

One of my biggest drivers and my Clients biggest drivers is FREEDOM.
Not just financially-, but also location-, time-, choice- freedom.  I want to make sure that I am living my life be design, but also running my business by design too so that it gives me what I want.

It's very easy to follow our favourite business idol, but in doing that we can get swept up in their way, their way of living and their way of doing business.Life by Design and Business by Design is key to fulfillment, success and longevity!


Work Smarter Not Harder

This is a choice. And you have that choice. Do you want to feel overwhelmed, stressed, a little on edge or a little frazzled? Or do you want to feel ease, in flow, and actually having fun!?!

We all must be looking to refine our businesses to run better, so we can work less and enjoy more free time, freedom and other things and people we love.  To work smarter, not harder is the goal for all women, no matter what stage of business you are in.



Mindset, Manifesting and How you Feel are Key and Inescapable

You can not escape your mind and thoughts (even though I had some time off :) ).
It's with you all the time. You also can not escape how you feel.

Thinking different thoughts and using different words is NOT the ONLY element in creating an epic life.How you feel is impacting everything that is happening in your business and life.

Many are missing this key piece and not getting the clients, sales, money, success and freedom they truly desire, because they are failing to understand this essential piece.



Inspiration and Ideas Require Space

Creating space for ideas to come to you is an integral part of business and life success.  To create more and to receive more, requires space, whether it's in your clients in your schedule or clothes in your wardrobe (even money in your account to some extent- more on this another time).
Learning practices that create space and support the receiving of ideas and inspiration is vital for your business success and to create the epic life you want.


Some questions to ask yourself -

  • Are you getting to rest for more than 1-2 weeks at a time?
  • Are you living life by your design?
  • Is your business giving you what you want? 
  • Are you aware about you feel and how it's affecting your sales, success and life?
  • Are you creating enough time and mental space to be inspired, to have new ideas that are the lifeblood of your epic life and business?

If you would love to learn how I can coach, mentor and teach you to work smarter, not harder, have more freedom, more time and more moneyand finally create your epic life and business, then arrange a VIP discovery call here.


Lotsa love,