Business, money and life don't always go as planned and... it never will. You can call it issues, problems or bad stuff.

I call it CONTRAST.



Contrast, will always be part of the ride.

It is part of life. Part of the journey.

Contrast is how we and the universe EXPAND.

And if it's always going to be on the ride with you, a few carriages back.....

Then how are you going to LIVE with it?

How are you going to DEAL with it?

How are you going to HANDLE it?


Ask yourself this -


In Presence?

In the seconds and minutes after, how do you respond?

Reactionary: Defensive, rudely, in frustration, in fear, negatively

Present: Calm, enthusiastically, in faith/belief, neutral or positive

Either way....

You are most likely running on an old learned behaviour pattern.

Which you modeled from a parent.

And which in many cases, is not serving you.

It is not serving you to create the MONEY you want.

It is not serving you to create the FREEDOM you want.

It is not serving you to create the BLISS you want.


My response used to be reactionary.

My go-to REACTION, was being defensive.

(Plus anger and fear...full disclosure)

Defence was my offence.... except that in LIFE, that is not how it works!

IN LIFE......

Defence is defence!

And Offence is a whooooole 'nother ball game!!!!

OK, So, back to Responding to Contrast -

and creating the Money, Freedom and Bliss you want NOW!


1. You need to first be aware of how YOU respond.

Awareness is the gateway 🙌

So ask yourself the question above and think about how you respond.

And observe how you handle contrast in your day, in business, money, relationships, health.


2. Decide how you WANT TO RESPOND.

You are powerful.

You get to decide how YOU handle contrast.


3. Implement desires behaviour and responses.


4. Practice it.


5. You are totally going to stuff up a bunch of times!!!!

Be kind to yourself.


6. Practice more.


7. Keep going! 😊

Contrast is here with you for the ride baby, and honestly you wouldn't want it any other way!

So get to it, get ahead of it, get present.....

Because you got this.

Much love,

Lauren xx

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