There is a saying you may have heard, "How you do one thing, is how you do everything!"

It is a really powerful statement and is frequently used when talking about successful people.


Before we go into this, I want to share with you my thoughts on being a "successful person".

I believe that anyone can be a success, and that it is not so much about income or sales or accolades.  To me success is "doing" your life as best you can.  Notice I said your life. This is really about you and your life, not about your mother or fathers' goals, your friends goals, or your colleagues goals.

Successful people know that how they do one thing, is how they do everything, and that our morning habits are a pretty good indicator of our success or, our ability to create success.

I invite you to contemplate... How do you do your mornings?

Are they sluggish? Are they lazy? Are they disorganized?

Are they a rush? Are you running around like a headless chicken?

Do you have a routine? Do you enjoy the time?

One of the main reasons successful people have a morning routine, is because they understand this idea of how you do one thing is how you do everything.

They understand the importance of setting up their day and they understand that by instilling certain behaviours in the morning, they are more likely to behave like this throughout the remaining of their day.

When you do your mornings with a sense of purpose and enjoyment success ensues.


Below are my top tips to create a more purposeful, enjoyable and successful morning.

  • When you first wake up, if you have a partner, have a nice hug or cuddle
  • If you sleep alone, when you wake, just take a moment to enjoy the comfy, yummy feeling of being in bed
  • In the shower, put your hand on your heart and say aloud a mantra
  • Meditate, even for 5 minutes
  • Walk your dog, or just walk you!
  • Take a few minutes to journal out any "stuff" that's on your mind. Even if you don't feel like it, just write something, eg. "I don't feel like writing today" Or "I'm in a bad mood, I'm over this journal writing."
  • Eat in peace.  No TV, radio or reading the paper. Enjoy the quietness, enjoy your food, enjoy the sun rays coming through the window, enjoy watching your dog sleep or run around the backyard, enjoy some fun conversation with your children. Make an effort to enjoy something.
  • Get dressed in clothes you love, do your hair, your make up if you wear it. Do all of this especially if you work from home.
  • If you have children, create an order of activities for both of you to aim for, and make sure it includes a big hug
  • Spend a few minutes planning out your day. Many people say they don't have time to do this, but it is really important. Even if your spend one minute at the end of eating breakfast, while you are sitting to write out a list on a post-it note, just do something.


You don't have to incorporate all of these into your morning, but bringing in a few into your morning routine will develop your own success behaviours.  I recommend bringing in one at a time for a week, before adding in another!