On the weekend I had a dear friends bridal shower.  Her wedding in Italy is just a few short weeks away and I'm thrilled to be attending in the rolling Tuscan hills.

Apart from the obvious happiness of this special occasion, it got me thinking about making a decision.  More specifically when a woman makes a decision.

You see, when a woman makes a decision for something that is her true desire, the money/ funds/ supply, always turns up.  It doesn't matter if it's a dream wedding, a trip or a coaching program.  If the desire is true for her and she makes a decision, the money will always show up.

And there in lies the key part of this...the desire and then the decision.



Tuning in and getting clear on the desire is essential, to make sure whatever you desire is true for you.  And then the power is in the decision.

When you follow your desire and decide to have a wedding in Tuscany, the finances turns up to pay for your dream.

And it's the same for coaching (or any program).  When you decide that you want support to find more clients, make more money and create a successful business, the money will come to pay for the desire.

This is not to be confused with having a desire and then sitting around waiting for it to turn up. Taking action and being engaged with the world is vitally important.  But by making the decision and saying yes to your dreams, you are already well along the way.

Next time you are considering coaching, a program or a trip, tune in and get really clear on the desire, then make a decision.  Because when a women makes decision for her true desire, the money will always show up.