I am writing to you today from a wonderful little cafe in Sydney, called Birichina.

Part of the reason I love this little cafe is because Birichina translates to "naughty little girl" in Italian. And I, being half Italian and half naughty little girl ;) feel a strong connection to this place!

It also has delicious organic coffee and a stunning view of the Bondi Beach and the ocean, which is a pretty magical combination in my mind.


I'm sitting here with my laptop. My coffee on my left and my new gold iPhoneon my right. There is chilled music playing and the mid-morning sun is shiningand warming my skin.  Straight ahead, the ocean is an inviting blue-green color and the waves are rolling in crashing on to Bondi Beach.


One of the key pieces to creating a life that you freaking love, that has you bouncing down the street or around your home each day, is to start living that life today.


At times along my entrepreneurial journey, this has seemed like
one of the HARDEST things to do.

"You want me to live my ideal life, while I feel depressed, I have no clients, no money,
I have debt to pay, I feel disappointed and completely overwhelmed, my eyes and face are swollen from crying and I just want to GIVE UP!!!"


In my mind I would think...

"When I have clients AND I'm making money AND I have the Louboutin's...
then I will be living my ideal life!

Does this sound familiar?

Do you ever feel so far away from your dream and so disheartened that you just can't see how you will ever get there?

It can be challenging to see the silver lining when everything is around us feels like failure, after failure, after failure.  When each day feels like a struggle and your wondering if you should give up on your dream and just go get a job...

But here is a Money Mindset Trick...


If you can spend even a tiny part of our day, doing something that feels good,
doing something you would do if you had your "ideal life" right now, then you focus your attention on that good feeling and that good experience.

It might only be 5 minutes or half an hour, however, by focusing on that good experience and "ideal moment", you attract more of that good feeling things into your life.

And with a little bit of time (or quickly depending on how much you do this) you start to have more and more "ideal life" moments in your day, week and month.

Go for a walk, sit at the beach, take yourself out for a coffee or tea, shout yourself lunch out, flick through a magazine, have a nap, meet up with a friend, go look at shoes, buy a new top, get your hair done, lie in the sun in a park, check out new furniture, check out the latest MacBook....you get my drift.

What can you do today to start living your ideal life?

What small thing can you focus on today that feels good?

Lotsa Love,

Lauren xx


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