Hello from gorgeous Bondi Beach!

I am writing to you today from a beautiful apartment in Bondi Beach. I'm currently in the process of securing a great Sydney apartment, and in the mean time, I am staying at a wonderful AirBnb.

(Sometimes I love to have everything I need to cook healthy meals and really feel grounded and like I am in a home. Sometimes I love a luxury hotel and to eat out everyday. This is a "home" kind of time.)

The apartment is serene and tranquil with a gorgeous view, and everyday the balcony is bathed in sun.

 I love sitting out on the balcony sofa to meditate or enjoy my morning coffee or tea.


That's the thing about abundant living... you can live it now!

You don't have to wait until you have the $20k month.

It is absolutely your choice to live abundantly today.


The key to living abundantly today, is little steps.

You could take yourself out for lunch one day, or order entree, main and dessert when you next go out, or enjoy a walk through the park or along the beach, or hire someone to do your ironing once a week.

If you have been stuck in "not having enough money", increasing debt, or spending money on everyone else but yourself, just a small step like this, will be a great way to step into abundant living.


It can involve spending money, but it doesn't have to. That is not the criteria. The number one piece, is how you FEEL!

Lotsa love,

Lauren xx


P.S. What is Money Coaching?
Money Coaching is an opportunity to work 1:1 with a Success Coach on your money mindset, wealth consciousness, money-making, money management and so much more!

Who is Money Coaching for?

Money Coaching is for women who:

  • You're tired of never having enough money

  • You are frustrated that you can't seem to make the money you desire (and are capable of)

  • You're sick of buying the cheapest meal or worse missing out altogether

  • You have done mindset work, but you're still not making the money you desire!!!

  • You keep making the same amount of money

  • You want to charge your worth and not feel anxious selling

  • You want to take control of your debt

  • You want to stop avoiding bills and your bank account

  • You are not in business yet, but want to do things right from the beginning


Who can have Money Coaching with Lauren?
My 1:1 Money Coaching program is designed for any woman that uses, makes, earns, saves money.

The program is for anyone woman that would love to have more, make more and enjoy more.

That includes, coaches, online entrepreneurs, offline entrepreneurs, service-based business women, product-based business women, women thinking about starting a business, corporate women, employed women or women currently at home.

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