You will never really create all that you want. until you FORGIVE yourself.

You won’t FIND what you are looking for, until you FORGIVE yourself.

And you won't FEEL peace, until you FORGIVE yourself.

Not until you forgive yourself, for your past, for your mistakes, for the things you have done, or not done….

You will never really be able to CREATE your DREAMS and create the life you want....

Because, on some level, you will feel “BAD”.

On some level, you will feel bad about YOU and you will not let yourself BE, DO or HAVE what you truly want.

So you won't really let it ALL in.

You might let a little in, you might even let quite a bit in....

but not all the freedom, ease, fun, love, abundance, money, joy etc that you want.



Forgiveness is more than ACCEPTANCE.

Forgiveness, is softer.

It comes from a different place.

It's another level DEEPER.

It is softer, more genuine, more loving.

When you can forgive yourself
- For the mistakes you have made
- for the choices you have made
- for disrespecting yourself in some way (mind/body/spirit)
- for your past
- for how long it's taken
etc, etc, etc

Then you will let all that you want come to you.
You will let all that you desire happen.

You will release the “badness” that on some level conscious or unconscious that you perceive in you…

And you will let yourself have all that you really want, because you will feel worthy and deserving.