Have you heard of an Income Ceiling?

An income ceiling is making the same amount of money again and again, or not breaking through a certain amount of income such as $10k months.

Income Ceiling's are a really common wealth block for women who are self-employed, coaches and product-based entrepreneurs.

Perhaps you just can't seem to make more than $1000 a month or $5000 a month in your business.

It's not just entrepreneurs that experience income ceilings, if you are employed or in corporate you might be struggling to break through $50k or $100k a year.

Some women even manifest fines, penalties and fees that keep them from breaking through to their next level of income or sales!


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In this free guide, I am sharing with you the top tips that you can use today to break through income ceilings, download your copy here.


If you are struggling to reach your sales goals, savings goals or income goals, you may be hitting your income ceiling, without even knowing! 

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Much love,

Lauren xx